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Cottage style designs can look great

Cottage style designs can look great

Imagine having country-style decor in summer? How does that sound There’s a mysterious connection between country-style decorating and a fresh, positive vibe.

Combining an informal beach lifestyle and rural retreat, a vacation rental makes you feel like you’re tucked away in a rural cabin, far from the urban excitement and fast paced lifestyle.

Yes, country style designs are perfect for transforming your home into your favorite space on earth, and they aren’t that difficult to get to. All you need to know is how to apply the following “buffing” touches:


Cottage-Style Designs-Can-Look-Great1 Cottage-style designs can look greatImage source: Harpers Interiors

If you want to decorate in a country house style, you have a big advantage: You don’t spend any money! Country-style homes often come with used furniture that was bought at garage sales and flea markets, or collected from family waste.

Pieces are meant to have no logical order, and the chaotic atmosphere where nothing goes with anything is kind of charming. Homeowners are more concerned about comfort, so they don’t mind repainting or renovating furniture that fits their scheme.

Light palette

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great9 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: Virginia W. Kelsey, AIA

Cottage decor works mostly with light and neutral colors or any shade inspired by nature and reminiscent of a weathered interior (which is why sun-bleached blues and olive greens look very good in cottage houses).

What you want to achieve is a place that looks like it’s always there, and nothing is cut quite like muted tones with artificial surfaces for this purpose. The palette in question also applies to furniture, which must have the same patina of evergreen beauty.

Of course, you shouldn’t stick to a single tone, but vary between shades of color (especially the whites) to make the place as relaxing as possible. Bead boards and siding are also perfect for decorating cottages.

Wood all around

Cottage-Style Designs-Can-Look-Great2 Cottage-style designs can look greatImage source: Nastasi Vail design

Cottages are perfect for people who enjoy being surrounded by nature, as their interior is entirely made of wood: they have wood on the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture.

The cottage atmosphere is simply unimaginable without them! Fortunately, the range of wood ideas is pretty broad and looks even better with a few nautical elements (deck-like lights, porthole mirrors … what you call it!).

Inspiration from nature

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great10 Cottage-Style Designs Can Look GreatImage source: Kohl & Rosen Ltd.

The only rule is to keep things natural, which means any outdoor element is welcome. The divine aspect of natural decor is that you can bring in as many natural elements as you want without the place looking cluttered or over the top.

The best choice is to choose warm natural textures, garden seats, wire plant stands, or potted flowers. The fresher the better!

Light and fresh

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great8 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: GIL WALSH INTERIOR

When analyzing various country style ideas, start with yourself: Do you want to be stuck in a dark kitchen on summer days?

I bet no! This is why you need to make sure that every room is bright and fresh. That said, you should do whatever you can to let the sun and air in.

Use oversized windows and panes of glass, and avoid curtains (if absolutely necessary, use thin and natural materials).


Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great11 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: Dreamy whites

Forget formal and perfect! Floors in cottage houses need to look like something you made randomly just so as not to walk barefoot on rough surfaces.

The best idea is to go for bare wood, old-fashioned and double-painted stencil patterns, or simple raw boards with vintage carpets braided on them. It’s also the only case where the design supports wall-to-wall carpets and tiles are fine as well. Whatever you choose – think vintage!


Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great7 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: Connie McCreight Interior Design

This is where the cottage theme is most clearly visible: along with pale and light colors, we recommend decorating walls with wallpaper, ideally with plaids or floral motifs.

A good direction is to choose wall patterns that contrast the floor as it will make the space more memorable and keep the wood paneling a far cry from the new visitors.

Display and storage

Cottage houses are the rare occasion when open storage is a good idea: items are usually dumped in open shelves, hanging urns, or baskets, and all because cottage means fresh and airy.

A good idea to get inspiration is to look at real-time farmhouses in the country or a beach house, whichever you want.

Anything goes unless you have decided to use dark and heavy storage (this will overwhelm the charm of your place and make it look less airy and fresh).

Plus, pine / oak shelves don’t cost an arm or a leg! You can buy them on budget or just paint a used one to add that new accent to your living room.

The cottage style is great for wine collectors who find their long-awaited shelf in a central but hidden place (e.g. in the stairwell).

The truth is that the country style leaves plenty of room for unique ideas. Ideally so that you can take advantage of the extra space you have! Divide one square meter with a wooden board and voila: you have additional storage space for hats and umbrellas!

Decors instead of decor

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great6 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: Home Industry

Who said everything has to be rustic? A combination of rustic decor and modern materials can be an excellent solution, especially if you plan to apply it in the kitchen.

Imagine hut motifs with modern granite countertops – doesn’t that sound great? Another interesting combination we thought of is stainless appliances in rooms with pine floors or even farm sinks with copper / brushed nickel taps.

Doesn’t the thought immediately calm you down? Imagine what it would do to your lifestyle if you applied it!


Cottage Style Designs Can Look Great3 Cottage Designs Can Look GreatImage source: Lola Watson interior design

The secret lies in the mix: Cottage stands for each unique combination of patterns and textures used everywhere from upholstery to table skirts.

You can use a variety of prints (flowers, plaids, stripes, plaids, etc.), and it’s highly recommended that you cover sharp furniture or throw cozy throws wherever you can.

Comfort is everything

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great4 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: LKID

Whatever you do with your vacation home, you have to keep it comfortable! Comfort and coziness are inseparable components of your rustic atmosphere, which is why the two and your home fit together like peas in a pod.

Add lots of couches, couches, and daybeds and keep the theme creamy and warm. Using subtle colors makes a place look more comfortable, especially when it comes to throws and pillows as well.

An even better idea is to add favorite works of art, a collection of favorite books, or important memorabilia. This is a real home!

Small mud rooms

Did you think that a second entrance can be more than … an entrance? A wooden tower with shelves and panels is perfect for storage. Just like an ordinary foyer, this one too can look warm and inviting with a comfortable bench and a few hangers. It’s an excellent idea for making people more welcome, don’t you think so?

Lots of candles

Indeed, there is something romantic about cottage houses! This is why you should consider all types of candles (scented candles, stands, and floating candles).

Without them, you couldn’t get the “dreamy touch” so specific to cottage houses, and the aroma of your place won’t be as pleasant either.


Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great12 cottage-style designs can look greatImage source: Johnson Berman

Quilts are perfect for cottage bedrooms and are ideally positioned in a place where they are easily visible. The more they stand out, the better.

Keep in mind that they should be covered with soft surfaces to match their pale / rustic colors which make them heavenly additives for any home.

Colors and patterns

Cottage-Style-Designs-Can-Look-Great5 Cottage-Style Designs can look greatImage source: Karen Joy Interiors

As mentioned earlier, cottage houses have a high threshold for color / pattern tolerance. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you don’t need a consistent theme. If it’s an English cottage, think of floral prints with dominant greens and pinks.

Rustic cottages, on the other hand, can be recognized by their roughly hewn wooden furniture and warm rust and gold tones. If you are fortunate enough to live on the shore, you should definitely consider sand beige, pale blues, and lots of creamy whites. Faded and patriotic plans are not uncommon in these houses too.