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Platform beds – a perfect selection

Platform beds – a perfect selection

Bed is very important furniture for every household. One spends most of the time on the bed. It is not only used for sleeping but many other purposes. They be provide the perfect relaxation and comfort that one needs after a hard day working out.

• Platform beds: They can be placed anywhere in a master bedroom or in children’s room. They are lower to the ground and do have a box spring. They are available in sleek styles and designs that can match with the other furniture in the house.

• Captain’s bed: These types of beds can solve the storage problem. They have great storage space normally two rows on the sides to store extra folding mattress, bed sheets, pillows, clothes etc. Variety of designs is available in captain’s bed to choose from.

• Mate’s bed: They are exactly the same as captains bed the only difference is that it has a single row for storage. They are available in different sizes and are perfect for smaller houses where there is limitation of space to store things.

• Iron and metal beds: The body frame of the bed is made from Iron or some other metals. They are very durable and now very much in fashion. They are perfect for children’s room or guest room.

 No box springs: Platform bed has a foundation which is built in that supports the bed. They are designed to provide support and base to the mattress. A mattress can be placed directly on it as the function of the box spring is performed by the bed frame itself.

 Cost savings: Platform beds are available in different price range to suit everyone’s budget. They are very affordable and cost effective.

 Style: Platform beds have a sleek, modern and contemporary style that suits the décor of the house. They are perfect for every household and for all age groups. They are made from different materials and finishes that are very attractive and eye catchy.

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