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Elegance in the living room and office with Italian Design

Elegance in the living room and office with Italian Design

When you think of Italy, you think of passion, ease, and affirmation of Life. This feeling of our southern neighbors in your cuisine, your culture and your Design. No wonder, then, that Italian Design is one of the most sought-after in the world. This has not changed since the influence of the works of the old masters like da Vinci.

And since time immemorial Italian Design through clarity and dynamism, characterized by flowing forms and rigour. This makes for a lot of the fascination of furniture and accessories in the Italian style. Sofas and armchairs from the Italian manufacturing are synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship. Tables, lamps, and beds for creative luxury.

Made in Italy for your home

The Milan-based Professor for Design concepts Paolo Tumminelli Italian Design, summarises: “There is no Italian Design, there is only Design made in Italy.” For customers, Made promises “in Italy” quality. For Italians, it gives Pride to you and your Tradition. Coming out of furniture, convey a unique sense of life and convince by high quality workmanship understanding. And it is of importance to them, their product, classic drawing so that there is no doubt about their originality and origin. This is true in the kitchen as well as in the craft.

The key to Italian design

The key to Italian Design is a completely free approach to the designing object. Since the 16th century. Century began to take hold of the concept of sprezzatura for this, as a typical Italian-understood, concept. By no means is meant, the literal meaning of contempt. Sprezzatura describes, rather, the contempt for everything, to strive what to wanted, to tedious, to appears to be enforced. But above all, contempt for everything that is transported, this lack of laxity.

What is clear is that An Italian Designer, rather it is the principle of form follows function rather three Times on the head as him. Where German Design since the early 20th century. Century, more or less the strict hand of the Bauhaus‘, combines to break out of the Italian style all the free enough, all of the standards. So what are the Aesthetics of power, the idea of Italian design? When it comes to Tumminelli, is the “school of daily vision, the light of the South [and] the Scarcity [of the country].

So the sun creates the sense of dynamic shapes and soft, warm colours, the economic Situation, the solution-orientation and creativity. Unlike the others, the Italian style is not subject to any rules and laws. Here, too, the Italian soul. Always a bit rebellious, defiant, insubordinate, and not adapted merely to everything that surrounds you. If there is a typical Italian Design, so it would probably be the best known Always-a-way-around-to find.

Italian residence design is, when opposites unite

If the shape of a chair conveys pure luxury of its upholstery, but a creative Explosion. If a table is dynamically playful as and however, functionality features. If sociability and Strict, fusing minimalism and irony, Flowing and Edgy with each other – then Italian Design is not far.

This is precisely why Italian furniture fit best in German offices and living rooms. Because the integrity and uniformity, the German space design and cool architecture dominate, can be broken up by the sprezzatura, the artistic freedom, which is reflected in Italian furniture, wonderful.

Furniture factories such as steel Domus prove with their furniture designs, desks with fluid momentum, but serious and tidy, and Baroque held chaise longues with alternative color schemes and surface materials in a modern and casual look. Even so, the spirit of Italian design of the soul proves itself once more.