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Cold foam mattresses 140×200

Cold foam mattresses 140×200

With a cold foam mattress in 140×200 cm put on an adaptable sleeping pad for your comfort single bed or narrow double bed. From soft to firm – the material adapts perfectly to your desired feeling of lying and provides pinpoint relief of the body. Special XXL models allow even people with very high body weight a restful sleep.

Equip your single bed in comfort size optimally: Cold foam mattresses in 140×200 cm

For beds with a lying area of ​​140×200 cm we speak of bedsteads in an intermediate size. This is the area between the typical single and classic double bed. With foam mattresses in 140×200 cm you can optimally equip this particularly comfortable single bed or narrow double bed.

Cold foam mattresses in 140×200 cm for all sleep types and positions

As diverse as the people and their individual demands on their own place of sleep are, so flexible mattresses made of cold foam in the size 140×200 cm. This is made possible by the flexible core material, which offers a variety of starting points for personal customization. So we offer cold foam mattresses in different graduated degrees of hardness up to XXL mattresses, which support even heavyweight people perfectly at night.

Cold foam mattresses with washable covers for allergy sufferers

If you use your bed model in this size as a place to sleep for two people, you benefit from the advantage that the cold foam mattress on top of it, thanks to its single core is continuous – eliminates the annoying visitor’s problem.

In addition, mattress variants made of cold foam have an ergonomic zoning. Various cuts and holes soften certain areas of the mattress – so that heavy areas of the body, such as the shoulder girdle or the hip area, sink better into the material. Especially side sleepers are dependent on this plus in comfort, as only so an ergonomically correct positioning of the spine can be done. We carry cold foam mattresses for all types of sleep: Simply select your preferred lying sensation and body weight at the top of the filter and get an overview of the suitable models for you.