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how to create a succulent pot in your home

Succulent roots can thrive in a shallow container. Make sure the container has drainage holes. If the container does not have drainage holes, drill a few holes in the bottom. Standing water can kill a succulent. Using the right kind of soil: You can use any potting mix designed for …

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How to build lotus pot design in home

IMPORTANT TIPS FOR GROWING LOTUS: 1. Lotus needs 6 hours of sun a day. 2. Keep Lotus away from running water or fountains. 3. Don’t let your pot or bowl freeze solid in the winter. 4. Do not submerge the growing leaves. 5. Repot your lotus in a larger container. …

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How to design a amazing charming planter

The best thing about containers is that they are so adaptable and can be moved around or replanted whenever you want a fresh new look. This means you can mix them up over the seasons if you like, ensuring your plot is always full of visual interest. No matter how …

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How to organize your balcony with plants?

1. If you live in an apartment building or apartment, does your building allow it? Before you begin, be sure to check the regulations for your building. Some buildings do not allow plants on balconies or only allow flowers (because vegetables can attract birds or pests). 2. Can your balcony …

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Garden fence ideas with diy decorations

A fence can demarcate outdoor spaces, provide privacy and security, and add some design flair. And there are many garden and garden fence ideas to choose from. They vary in height, material, texture and more. Some fences can be DIY projects while others require a higher level of skill to …

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