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How to grow Foxgloves from seed

The flowers are very rich in nectar and are like magnets for bees and butterflies. Most foxgloves are biennials, blooming in their second year from seed, or short-lived perennials. Most are more or less evergreen so their rosettes of green leaves remain all winter. Just be aware that foxgloves contain …

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How to grow African violet from cuttings

African violets are usually grown under fluorescent lights placed 12 to 15 inches above the leaves. If the leaves start to turn light green, your plant is getting too much light, while thin and dark green leaves or a leggy plant indicate too little light. Soil A well-drained potting mix …

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How to grow and care for adenium

In a very bright, warm environment such as a greenhouse, Adenium can remain active during the winter months. If you bring your plant indoors for the winter, it will probably stay in a semi-dormant state until spring. During this time, just keep it in a warm room with bright, indirect …

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How to grow lilies from seed the easy way

Daylily clumps can grow anywhere from six inches to five feet tall. Since they can reach a span between two to four feet wide, space only about three feet apart (or for a more dramatic show in the early years, space about 18 inches apart). Plant roots in early spring …

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How to grow flowers from bulbs at home

When planting, keep in mind that the flowers tend to face the prevailing direction of the sun; in a border seen from the north they will look away from you. Do not separate bulbs that are attached to the base; the smaller bulb (known as an offset or a “daughter” …

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How to grow amazing blooming bonsai types

Many people have a misconception about what bonsai really is. The typical question that many people ask is: “Is bonsai its own type of tree?” No, bonsai is a kind of craft or living art form. Techniques including surface planting, pruning, defoliation, grafting, and root reduction, along with wiring the …

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How to grow and care for charming orchids

An orchid can live happily for a long time in a pot, blooming season after season, but every few years you have to replant the plant. The growing medium breaks down over time and will not anchor the plant properly or provide it with the necessary nutrients. An orchid may …

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how to create a succulent pot in your home

Succulent roots can thrive in a shallow container. Make sure the container has drainage holes. If the container does not have drainage holes, drill a few holes in the bottom. Standing water can kill a succulent. Using the right kind of soil: You can use any potting mix designed for …

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