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Children wardrobes

Children wardrobes

Why a children’s wardrobe is part of the initial equipment, is quickly explained: this is inside specially tailored to the small sizes and dresses, for example, with two clothes rails on top of each other and equipped with lower compartments and several shelves. In addition to discreet designs, many models with child-friendly color scheme are available.

Keep children’s clothing neat and optimal: High quality children’s wardrobes

As a rule, the smaller the child, the larger the amount of clothing. Mobile toddlers actively exploring their surroundings often have to move several times in one day. Since children’s clothing is smaller than adult clothing, their accommodation does not take up so much space. Nevertheless, the children’s room must be equipped with suitable furniture for neat and clear storage of clothes and laundry. A children’s wardrobe is therefore standard in most children’s rooms.

Functional children’s wardrobes for all needs

Various designs in terms of size, width, color and material leave nothing to be desired.

Find now the matching wardrobe for the nursery online

online shops also have wardrobes for the children’s room, which are part of extensive children’s furniture programs, such as relatively neutrally designed models that can be optimally combined with existing furniture. With a cupboard from a program, you have the opportunity to make the complete arrangement of a children’s room for a very harmonious overall picture, in which you not only the wardrobe, but also choose bed, dresser or shelf from the furniture program.

Children’s wardrobes usually have standard hanging clothes rails and shelves for lying (folded) storage of garments hidden behind cabinet doors.
In addition to wardrobes for the nursery in the above-mentioned standard equipment, we offer Such storage solutions convince not only with a relaxed appearance, but open up a variety of uses. For example, underwear and hosiery can be stored optimally in drawers, while books and toys can be accommodated in the openly visible shelf areas. Especially in smaller rooms, where only a few children’s furniture can be accommodated, a children’s wardrobe made in this way is the perfect solution.