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Building a charming pergola with flowers

Building a charming pergola with flowers

Building a pergola yourself will be more cost effective than buying one because you only have to pay for materials and not labor. The national average cost to build a 10-foot traditional wooden pergola yourself is about $3,500; however, it varies by project and location.

How much does it cost to build a pergola?
The initial cost to build a high-end pergola is also around $3,500. But you have to take into account the options, the painting, which can cost you an additional cost of almost 7%. You also need to factor in delivery and installation. Delivery and installation varies depending on how far the crew needs to drive to deliver and the time it takes to put the pergola in place.

What other costs are associated with a Pergola?
how much does a pergola cost with electricity
Once you’ve priced the entire structure, it’s time to look at the pergola’s final costs. Interior and exterior options. These options will add convenience to your relaxation and add a touch of beauty to your already freestanding pergola, but what are these options?

1. Electrical options
Once your pergola is set up, you’ll want to add electric so you can plug in your speaker and play your favorite tunes under the shady pergola. This would require an electrical connection. A high-quality electrical package that includes a switch, a ceiling pig, and an outlet will cost you $310. If you want the electricity installed for you, it will cost an additional $310. Each withdrawal set after that will cost an additional $105.

2. Curtains & Canopies
Depending on the size of your pergola, the price of the curtains and screens will differ. A larger pergola will require a larger curtain and canopy and will therefore cost a little more. An 8′ wood pergola blind will cost you somewhere around $1,600, depending on your chosen color options. An 8′ vinyl pergola blind will cost you an extra $100.

An 8×8 pergola canopy starts at $1,640 for most of the styles, and vinyl 8×8 pergola canopy starts at $1,810. There are many different factors to consider when determining the cost of the pergola shade or canopy, including the size of the pergola, the color scheme, and more. If you would like a custom quote on a new curtain or canopy for your current or new pergola, contact us today!