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Beds without headboard

Beds without headboard

When roof pitches or large window fronts determine the character of the bedroom, the choice of a suitable bed often falls on a couch without a headboard. This can be harmoniously integrated into the overall picture and is also available in many variants, for example made of solid wood or as a box spring bed.

Solutions for small and unfavorably cut bedrooms: Beds without headboard

Not every bedroom is so generously dimensioned that any bed model can easily be set up in it. In addition, sloping ceilings in many bedrooms make it difficult to choose a suitable bed, as there is usually not enough space for beds with headboards.

Of course charming: loungers made of solid wood

If, due to the physical conditions, you have to do without a headboard on your bed, this does not mean abandoning the special character of a bed made of solid wood.

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Even if you can set up your bed freely in the room, a lounger offers advantages: The way to bed is not restricted by a headboard from any side and the room looks more open.

By opting for a couch built in the Boxspring system, your choice is a complete solution that you can tailor to your individual needs by selecting the individual components available. With a box spring bed without headboard, you get a spring box, which replaces the slatted base of the conventional bed, a mattress and a topper. All three elements are optimally coordinated for healthy lying and restful sleep.