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Beautiful headboard design ideas

Beautiful headboard design ideas

Headboards are mandatory elements of a beautiful and stylish bedroom, although they are not strictly necessary.

Instead, homeowners come up with interesting DIY headboard ideas to complete the decor in whatever way they want, change and customize styles, and make their dormitory much more comfortable.

You can buy them or use homemade headboards instead, but either way, you are faced with an overwhelming array of ideas to consider.

Here is a hint of common furnishing practices that can be helpful: Reclaimed wood headboards are gaining momentum in all types of bedrooms, especially in rustic scenarios where texture and aging blend seamlessly.

Among the wooden headboards, homeowners often choose salvaged pallet headboards, which embellish the stable and strict structure of the elements and better match them with the color scheme of the room.

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen11 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Modern Antiquity, LLC

Regardless of their color and texture, wooden headboards make bedrooms look cozier and warmer, and that’s exactly why people choose them.

DIY wood headboards are quite difficult to make, but not impossible. It can take some time to get the result you want, but the uncompromising and customizable nature of wooden headboards is totally worth it.

DIY headboards and cheap headboard ideas

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Your bedroom headboard, be it an expensive designer headboard or a product of your homemade headboard ideas, plays the role of a central element that supports the dramatic and natural statement of the dormitory.

They give you a cozy and rustic touch to make you feel comfortable in your bedroom. At the same time, they look exquisite and very elegant. Here are some great suggestions to consider:

Reclaimed wooden shelves

Sweet-dreams-with-these-beautiful-headboard-design-ideas3 beautiful-headboard-design-ideasImage source: WB Homes, Inc.

You can make your bedroom awesome by simply planking wooden shelves over the bed, ideally clad in a material similar to the bed linen.

Anthracite, wool mustard tallow and gray are just a few of the ideas that you can combine with cheap pillows and carpets. You can also customize your reclaimed wooden headboard with shelves.

Wooden headboards in modern environments

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen5 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Studio 212 Interiors

The wooden headboard looks adorable in rustic and traditional bedrooms, but an opulent texture and a bit of lacquer give them extraordinary effects and make them perfect for decorating a modern space too.

A contemporary scenario can also be achieved with a checkered flooring and colored bed linen or even with details such as metal lenses and tripod lamps.

Floor-to-ceiling headboards

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen7 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Parkyn design

The larger your headboard, the more imposing, personal and dramatic it looks. We particularly recommend floor-to-ceiling headboards for rooms with beautiful ceiling and wall decorations.

Contemporary headboards

A popular type of headboard are the Swedish compatible ones, which provide additional storage space in small bedrooms.

Headboards made of natural wood

Installing a natural wood headboard on a plain white wall gives you a nifty focal point even if all the other furniture goes unnoticed.

A great DIY idea is to make your headboard out of reclaimed, hand-scraped wood flooring.

Combined wooden headboards

The coolest, most affordable way to design your own headboard is to combine and mix different types of wood, using leftover planks from other projects.

Classic headboards made of reclaimed wood

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen15 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Schmidt Custom Homes

These are probably the most rustic and cozy headboards out there, and their charm in shabby-chic dorms is simply unsurpassed.

Unique headboard ideas made of wood

Sweet-dreams-with-these-beautiful-headboard-design-ideas16 beautiful-headboard-design-ideasImage source: Becki Peckham

The thing about all DIY projects is that they give you unlimited freedom to experiment and reuse, which is why they are especially useful in the small spaces of creative people.

You can hang them differently for headboards. Add extra space for your books, glasses and alarm clocks.

Alternatively, you can search the internet for inspiring ideas for cladding and skis, or opt for a personalized solution that will make you love your bedroom even more.

Silver convex in rustic bedrooms

Sweet-dreams-with-these-beautiful-headboard-design-ideas14 beautiful-headboard-design-ideasImage source: WAM interior design

There is something regal about adding mirrors on reclaimed wooden headboards, especially when they’re covered in old-looking mercury glass and paired with sleek shades of gray and black.

How do I make my own wooden headboard?

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen10 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source:

The truth is that this process doesn’t take time or effort.

While some of you may think that it is not feasible to build cheaply with reclaimed barn boards, we would go a little further and recommend that you use a different type of natural wood. The result will still be the same!

These are the materials you will need:

  • Boards made from old barn wood (the length depends on the size of your bedroom)
  • 1.5 inch wood screws (or larger for thicker boards)
  • Leg boards (1 x 64 or 4 x 64)
  • Wood slices and wood waste (if necessary)
  • Brush with stiff bristles for scrubbing
  • Fine-grained sanding sponges
  • 2-3 cans of high quality (e.g. clear Valspar spray)
  • Some 2 inch bolts with 5/8 hex nuts

These are the tools you will need:

  • A drill
  • An air compressor (if necessary)
  • A miter saw
  • A ratchet (optionally you can tighten the screws with a wrench)

This is how the process should begin:

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen13 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Ariana Ahmad interior design

The dimensions we’ve given as standard will fit most single and queen beds. However, in case yours are different, you will need to first measure the wood plank you will need.

Then move on to the type of wood you plan to use and we recommend straight pieces for minimalist concepts and, of course, imperfect ones where the knots and cracks are visible for added character.

As you work, make sure you are working on a clean surface that will not damage anything, and wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

These are the steps that you should follow

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen4 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Dmitry Serba Design

Apply the dimensions to the parts with a marker and layer them all on top of each other to make sure the layers are the same size.

As mentioned earlier, the headboard of your bedroom is your personal work of art. So don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and be creative. As long as the length of all levels is the same, you got it right.

For best results, cut with a miter saw.

Once all the pieces are cut, place them where you want them.

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen8 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

Continue by cutting 1 x 4 inch legs to the intended height; Take the wood screw to screw it 2 to 4 inches along the edges, starting from the top.

The next thing you need to do is rub the minimal wax stain into the pieces of wood. However, remember to wear a mask and do the procedure in a well-ventilated place.

While doing this, avoid the drywall surrounding your headboard (ideally use frog straps and heavy pieces of paper to protect them).

After dyeing, the headboard should dry for at least a few nights. Since the aroma is not as pleasant or healthy, we recommend sleeping in another room and not moving until it is completely dry.

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen9 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Sims Hilditch

Another interesting thing to do is trim the top and bottom of your headboard with 1 x 4 panel glue and nail the trim boards of both sizes (the nails should be about 1 – ¼ inch long).

Make sure the outside edges are flush after you finish the process. You can also attach exterior siding on concealed headboards (almost no nails are visible on the front section).

Apply the glue first, then nail the two remaining leg pieces to the sides. The front edge should be kept flush again, but this is not necessary for the back (a slight overhang is allowed here).

Sweet-dreams-with-these-beautiful-headboard-design-ideas12 beautiful-headboard-design-ideasImage source: Chris Jovanelly interior design

Add a 2-inch nail every 6 to 8 inches.

For the final top panel, apply the glue first and line the panel pieces with the nails and outer legs down (again with a single nail every 6 to 8 inches).

Don’t forget to keep both the inside and outside edges flush. Once the headboard is done, spread a layer of glue on the top and hang over it to center the 2 x 4 top with a half inch overhang.

A bonus tip: if you want a royal-sized headboard, consider cutting scrap wood and nailing the boards in place to keep them in place.

End thoughts

Sweet-Dreams-With-These-Beautiful-Headboard-Design-Ideen6 Beautiful Headboard Design IdeasImage source: Michelle Wenitsky interior design

When it comes to interior design, it’s just rustic elements and solutions that definitely never go out of style.

Their bespoke craftsmanship and engaging finishes emphasize the natural beauty of wood, which the world of interior design sees as more elegant than any aesthetic solution.

Rustic interiors are a reminder of the past and connect our walls with the unexplored wilderness of nature. The more rustic and natural our wooden furniture, the more cozy and inviting our home will be.

Among the different types of wood, reclaimed wood is considered to be the most organic and unprocessed, in which all natural properties are visible and all types of reuse and decoration are possible.

In addition, a rustic atmosphere meets the needs of all residences and villas, be it in urban and suburban condominiums or by the lake, in whip huts and cabins.

If you don’t have ideas of your own for a DIY project, there is no problem reusing some of the designers’ great ideas for modern and traditional environments.