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Amazing flowering vines to plant this spring

The easiest way to increase your garden space is to add ornamental plants that grow vertically. Flowering vines come in a variety of sizes and colors, with both annual and perennial types. Many bloom for weeks or months for continuous color.

Vines can be grown up a trellis, arbor, pergola, fence or wall depending on their method of attachment (see more below). Smaller forms are suitable for trailing in hanging baskets, window boxes and containers.

Many vines grow quickly and some species are not suitable for all areas. Check local resources to make sure you choose a vine that is right for your garden.

Why are many vines considered aggressive or invasive? Some of the vine invasives are that way because of their viticulture, sprawling habit, but they often also have seeding tendencies that can be most of the problem. And they crowd out natives who are not as competitive. For example, honeysuckle grows aggressively, but they are invasive mostly because birds love their seeds and spread them where they can outcompete natives.