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A living room with a fireplace and instructions for decorating

A living room with a fireplace and instructions for decorating

Are you thinking of a living room with a fireplace? That would be an amazing idea and you should try it.

Your living room is where you gather to chat, build relationships, and hang out with each other. Creating a stylish, comfortable and atmospheric space is therefore crucial. Adding a fireplace to your living room is a cozy and effective way to make your space welcoming. Fireplaces provide joy on warm winter nights and make guests or visitors feel welcome.

From small living room ideas to living rooms with fireplace layouts, there are a number of decorating options you can use to bring your living room to life. Some love to place a couch in front of the fireplace, while others love living room designs where the fireplace and TV take precedence.

There are also various fireplace designs to choose from. Some love the smoky roar of a wood-burning fireplace while others prefer the clean minimalism of a gas fire. There are advantages to both styles, but just as important is that you consider your living room design with fireplace styles. Discover these great ideas for creating a living room with a fireplace.

What do you want in your fireplace when you are not using it?

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While your fireplace is on, it adds atmosphere to your room. However, when choosing your fireplace, consider how your fireplace-furnished room will function when your fireplace is turned off.

How does your fireplace fit into your overall interior design? Is it rustic or elegant and modern? How will it add to your overall style? Look for a fireplace that looks attractive when not in use.

Consider a freestanding fireplace

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If you’re interested in the warmth and coziness a fireplace offers and are looking for small living room ideas, consider a freestanding wood burning stove.

From ceramic stoves to wrought iron stoves, these stoves generate a lot of heat and give off an attractive appearance. They are often small and easily fit in a corner.

Put away your fireplace

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If you’re looking at a living room with a fireplace and TV, you might be interested in a fireplace that doesn’t dominate.

While this is hard to find and it might just be a very subtle gas fireplace that doesn’t dominate when you turn it on, you can consider a small corner fireplace that is easy to stow away. This allows you to focus your attention on other areas of your room.

Make a feature of your chimney

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Remember to include your fireplace when arranging your furniture around fireplace features.

An attractive stove with a steel fireplace can enrich your room, just as you can enjoy the rustic feel of a cast iron fireplace. By including your chimney as part of your decoration, you add atmosphere to your home.

Find the right fireplace for you

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If you examine ideas for the design of the living room with a fireplace, you will find that the fireplace often dominates.

Therefore, when you are designing your home, you want to find a fireplace that will fit your current home design and match your personal style. With slim chimneys made of steel, brick, stone, marble, iron, glass, ceramic or steel, you have a good choice for your home.

Create a focus

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Once you’ve chosen your fireplace, it’s time to bring it into your living room. When creating fireplace seating, it helps to focus on your fireplace. A fireplace is so warm and attractive that it always dominates a room. If you have a small living room with a fireplace, you can put your sofa in front of the fireplace.

In a larger living room, you can also place smaller pieces of furniture around your fireplace. To keep the focus on the fireplace, keep the area around it clear and simple. If you want to draw a lot of attention to your fireplace, you can paint the wall around it a bright, vibrant color.

Divide the room

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However, you may have attractive features in your living room. From a picture window to unique architectural features, your fireplace can have competition. Instead of trying to just focus on a single feature, you can always share the storage space. Your living room furnished with a fireplace could be arranged so that one sofa faces the fireplace while another faces a picture window or other attractive feature. In winter you or your guests can stand in front of the fireplace in summer. The view will be the focus of attention. Place yours in a small living room

If you want to share your room with a TV, you can mount it on the wall above your fireplace so that both have the same focus.

Divide the room

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You can use a fireplace to divide your open space. Placing a fireplace with a fireplace or a wall in any area of ​​your room can create a separation between your living and dining areas. With a double-sided fireplace you can warm up while eating, chatting, working or relaxing.

Downplay your fireplace

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If you’ve got a fireplace you no longer love, moved into a house with a fireplace you don’t like, or changed your style and don’t have the income to replace your fireplace, you can downplay it. First, focus on the placement of your fireplace furniture. By arranging your furniture in front of fireplace areas but moving away from it, you are changing your focus. However, you need to create a new focus instead.

If you don’t have a large window with a view or some other attractive feature in your living room, you can always use color to create a functional wall. If you paint a wall a contrasting color or hang attractive works of art on a wall, you will draw attention away from your fireplace. You can also paint your fireplace the color of the surrounding walls to reduce the impact.

With your fireplace and television on opposite walls, it’s time to decide which feature should take precedence. If it is your TV, change the layout of your living room to focus on it.

Placement of fireplace furniture

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Don’t let your sofa block the view of your fireplace when arranging your furniture around the fireplace. Instead, stand it across from your fireplace. You can then place chairs near your fireplace but at a slight angle so you or your guests can read or chat over a glass of wine while they stay warm.

If you place a rug near your fireplace, make sure you keep enough space so that flying sparks don’t start a fire.

When you place your TV and fireplace on the same wall, you have a single focus area in your room. You don’t have to worry about visual clutter when your viewpoints have been arranged in a single direction.

In a living room with a fireplace, arrange your furniture so that the fireplace is easily accessible. Placing your chairs or sofas next to your fireplace makes it easy to refill. Ottomans or coffee tables can easily be placed near the fireplace, provided there is a connection or connection between these parts and the rest of the furniture in the room.

Arrangement of furniture according to room shape

Living-Room-by-Paul-Moon-Design A living room with a fireplace and instructions for decoratingImage source: Paul Moon Design

Once you know how to place furniture around fireplace features, it’s time to look at your overall room shape! Your room should appear cozy and spacious. You need to be able to move while you can still talk.

  • Long living rooms can feel awkward without careful furniture arrangement. Use bookcases, stools, shelves, end tables, and chaise longues to create a cozy feeling.
  • Large open spaces can feel huge. Instead of arranging your furniture against the walls, pull your sofas or chairs to the center of your room and arrange your furniture by your fireplace. You can occasionally use chairs, reading chairs, or stools for extra seating. Your goal, however, is to create a space that is cozy or intimate enough for family or friends to chat.
  • In a square living room, prevent furniture from facing your walls, rotate your chairs or loungers, and use a round table to create an organic feel. Keep your furniture scaled so that your room is cozy but not claustrophobic. A small room with a fireplace needs small furniture, while a larger room works best with larger furniture.

Final thoughts on a living room with a fireplace

If you want to add atmosphere to your living room, a fireplace is always the way to go. A fireplace designed according to your individual style with furniture that is both proportional and clear creates a cozy space for family and friends.

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