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5 small, yet beautiful room ideas

5 small, yet beautiful room ideas

The popularity of tiny houses has rocked the housing industry.

People choose nice little houses that allow them to be comfortable without being tied to a mortgage that is never paid.

Some people wonder how someone can live in such a small space. It is really very simple. Living in a small space doesn’t mean giving up what you love.

It means making full use of the available space. It means being selective about the things you buy. In addition, it means designing a house that uses the available space.

Where do you put all your things

Tiny-House-Kitchen-Dresser-Cabinets 5 tiny, yet beautiful room ideas

This is almost always the first question asked of tiny home owners. It’s also the easiest thing to deal with. It all starts with great cabinets. We always think of cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom. But beautiful closets can add style to any room while also solving storage problems.

An entrance area can have cabinets for each side. They consist of wall units that extend from the ceiling to the floor. Some of the cabinets have doors that close, while others are left open with additional shelves. Cabinets are designed for every room. Is there a corner or wall where there is nothing? You can find out more at This website.

Tip: Have your cabinet builder add tall (vertical) shelves next to (within your cabinet system). This way you can store large bottles more safely.

Create more space in the living room

liv 5 tiny, yet beautiful room ideas

Throw away the coffee table. Use a pair of stools instead. Most people use a couch and two chairs. In her living room. Use the stools that you would normally use in front of the chairs. Put the stools side by side and it’s a perfect size.

You can put a nice tray on it so you can store flowers or decorative items in it. When the company comes by, just move the tray and slide the stool out of the center of the room to be seated immediately.

If you use end tables, buy tables with pull-out drawers. This gives you space for remotes and other small objects.

Change your carpet

maxresdefault-3 5 Tiny, yet beautiful room ideas

In large homes, designers often use a small center of the room rug. This created the illusion of a larger floor. For the tiny house, reverse the process. Choose a rug that is taller. Do something more daring. This gives the illusion of a larger footprint.

Desk & dining table

The dining table is a challenge for the tiny home. It takes up a lot of space and is not needed for most of the day. Have your wooden table foldable so it folds up and clicks onto the wall. When you need it, just unlock it and fold it down. You need additional support.

If you want, you can also have benches made to match the table. They would collapse when not in use. The benches need more support, so a decorative wooden support is attached to the end that is to be folded down. The table and benches need to be painted or painted to be part of the wall.

Tip: Add a deck or patio to create more floor space. If you have several guests, it is additional seating. A rollout canopy protects against sun and light rain.

There are many ways you can make your small home efficient, comfortable, and affordable. Use your imagination and go for it!