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Touch lamp that comes with dimmer

Touch lamp that comes with dimmer

This article will help you know why the dimmer switch that comes with dimmer is better in many ways –

1 – Save energy by dimming the light –

10% light bill and 90% of the energy is saved when we dim the light. According to the preset level, the dimmer loses light. Through this you can absolutely control how much light you want in the room. Annual savings of almost $ 30 can be made using dimmer lights in the switch lamp switch. The life of the light bulb also increases by reducing the effect, as the light is damaged.

2 – controlled lighting –

You can change the light in the room by moving the slider down or up or simply by pressing it as well. The use of remote control to adjust light in the room can also be done thanks to new technology. Just by pressing a button Dimming lamps make you change lighting. The mood in the room can be set with the help of these lighting-switched lighting. The flashlight switch can be used in breakfast nooks, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Traditional old light switch would go off quickly and did not fully grip the lighting.

3 – Dimmer light switch life –

When a dimmer is used to keep them on, the light bulbs last longer. About 1/5 of the electricity required is saved by reducing the lamps by at least 25%. Lamps last longer if the softer lamp bleach is used. Thus, a lamp that lasts only for 5 or 6 months can be used for a longer period of up to 3 to 4 years.

4 – Fluorescent dimming –

Different effects in the room can be achieved by dimming your fluorescent lamps. the color of a fluorescent light bulb will maintain a cooler appearance compared to the warm light appearance of light. The life of fluorescent lamps can not be increased in the same way as in the case of a decent light bulb by dimming it. However, dimming of fluorescent lighting is more convenient and also cheaper in general.