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Tips on choosing the best shower heads

Tips on choosing the best shower heads

When you are renovating your bathroom, one of the areas that you will undoubtedly want to change is the shower head. There is an amazing range of shower head types to choose from, so the only limit is your imagination and budget!

Whether you are looking for a functional, simple shower head that is affordable yet attractive, or you are looking for something on the cutting edge of technology, there are options that will suit you. That’s why we’ve put together these expert tips for you to find the perfect shower head for your bathroom and your personal preferences.

Know your shower heads

There are four main categories of shower heads on the market today.

  • The standard wall mount – this is the simplest and most common option. If you’re looking for the easiest update to your bathroom or you’re on a tight budget, this is the choice for you. Wall-mounted shower heads are incredibly easy to swap out. All you have to do is unscrew the existing shower head and screw the new one in place. However, you need to pay attention to the shower arm. You may need pliers and WD-40 to loosen your old shower head enough for it to be removed. New wall-mount shower heads are really affordable, and some offer extra features like gentle sprays or pulsating massage jets – all for one great price. As an added convenience, they work with your existing plumbing to reduce the hassle.
  • The Handheld Shower Head – a handheld model, has a hose that is 3 to 6 feet long. This allows you to perform several useful tasks. If you have small children or dogs, you can easily bend over with the shower head in hand. If you want to rinse your hair more easily, you can remove the shower head from the holder for ease. This makes it even easier to rinse out the shower enclosure. A hand shower head is also mounted on the wall, but many have many extras. Some even have multiple spray patterns and massage jets. These also work with your existing sanitary facilities and are perfect for family bathrooms. They can either be used with a regular shower or in place of a shower. Some come with a push bar mount that is adjustable to multiple heights. Although they are a little more expensive than a standard wall mount, they are still very affordable
  • Top-mount shower heads – stylish and sensual, a top-mounted shower head is often referred to as a rain shower. These are positioned just above the head to allow for a rainy experience. Some top-mounted showers are flush-mounted in the ceiling or hanging from a trailer. On the other hand, it is complicated to install a top mounted shower head. You need to update your installation. Some rain shower heads only have one spray pattern, while others have a variety of features like lights and tons of spray patterns. They’re ideal when you’re installing a brand new shower and they’re perfect when you have low ceilings. They’re usually more expensive than wall-mounted options.
  • Body Sprays – If you want a spa experience, you can add multi-spray panels or body sprays to the bathroom. They are usually placed in rows vertically on adjacent or opposite walls. The result is a criss-cross pattern of water that allows you to massage your body. Usually they are used with other shower heads. They’re ideal if you’re installing a brand new shower, but they require a lot of extra installation work

Are you installing a brand new shower?

When installing a brand new shower, consider a rainfall shower head with built-in body sprays for the most luxurious experience. However, if you just want a simple upgrade, a new hand or wall-mounted shower head is more convenient.

Which functions do you need?

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There are many different functions to consider. Some have multiple spray patterns and massage functions. Others have height-adjustable and other extras such as integrated LED lights. You need to decide what features you need and then choose the right model for you.

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