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Shopping for a rustic chandelier

Shopping for a rustic chandelier

Rustic chandelier is intentionally designed to float in a room to complement the elegance and ambient light. They are essential for any home decor and their choice would be made in the same way as any interior decorative accessory. Chandeliers that are too large will overwhelm your interior space, and too small will just look out of place.

Perhaps a nice and simple guide should give you the guidelines for choosing the most suitable chandelier for your room. This set of seven factors will help you find the right one without much stress.

How high is your ceiling?

Ceilings that are too high usually require larger chandeliers. The size of the chandelier is actually directly proportional to the height of the ceiling.

How big is your room?

The size of your room where the decorative lights are to be installed is directly proportional to the size of the rustic chandelier. If your room is large, your chosen chandelier should be proportional to the size of the room. Make sure the chandelier is not too big or too small for your room. Placing a chandelier that is too small for a room is actually the biggest mistake a designer can ever make because it is very noticeable. The luminaire of the right size should give you the general light you need while welcoming you.

Get the right lighting

When shopping for your chandelier, be sure to choose the appropriate light bulbs for a particular luminaire. Frosted light bulbs usually cast an entertaining glow and lack shadows. For chandeliers with crystal glass covers or trapped in light bulbs, clear light bulbs are most suitable because they enrich the chirping.

Check the weight of the chandelier

This is also an important factor, although some tend to ignore it. Luminaires that weigh more than 50 pounds should be mounted on safe surfaces. This is actually a code of conduct that everyone who does the installation should consider to avoid likely accidents.

Match the color of your interior