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This is how to make your ceiling look higher

This is how to make your ceiling look higher

Have you ever wondered how to make your ceiling look higher? What if you could make the low ceiling seem higher than it actually was? High ceilings are beautiful and make any room a stunning space. Many homeowners dream of having high ceilings in their homes one day as low ceilings always make a room appear crowded. Those who have high ceilings know that they can be problematic, especially when it comes to ceiling decoration ideas.

Believe it or not, believe it or not, it is actually better not to have high ceilings in your home. Houses with lower ceilings are much easier to heat when it gets cold outside. The heat will rise, so it may take longer to properly heat the room. Hence higher electricity costs. The whole room will suck in the heat that should be distributed in the lower part of the room. The room will still feel cold as the heat rises and not at floor level. Lower ceilings prevent this.

Oh, but the look of high ceilings. Guess what? There are ways that you can make your low ceiling look like high ceilings. This article will show you how to make your ceiling appear higher, which will make you look at the ceiling with a completely different feel.


Stripes How to make your blanket look bigger

Women know that wearing striped clothing makes their bodies stronger and slimmer. This makes them look bigger and thinner. The same goes for home decor, especially if you want to learn how ceilings look higher. If you use wallpaper with a striped pattern, your room ceilings will appear much higher than they actually are. This is an excellent trick to dramatically change the look of the lower ceiling if your house has low ceilings.

Ceiling color

Ceiling color How to make your ceiling look higher

There’s no set rule in stone that says you have to paint your ceiling white. Choosing darker colors as decorating ideas for the ceiling can make the ceiling appear higher. It will make it look higher. Homeowners have found these ceilings remodel ideas that work very well with light hues. Using a high-gloss color adds to the effect. A matte finish will help hide imperfections, cracks, etc. As a result, the ceiling appears to be essentially disappearing. The ceiling does not attract the eye, but the room.


Lighting How to make your ceiling look higher

By adding strip lighting to the top edges of a wall, the ceiling will not appear higher, it will only stand out on the ceiling. Big, bulky, light ceiling fans or lights do the opposite, but hang them high. Brighter lighting is better for making ceilings look high.

When the lighting is subdued, the room feels closed and smaller, while bright light makes it appear larger. The best idea for lights for low ceilings is not to use lights on the ceiling itself. Instead, use lamps for lighting. A lamp placed on a coffee table, shelf, or stand draws attention to the floor instead of the ceiling and makes the ceiling look higher and higher.

Choose long, horizontal furniture

Choose-Long-Horizontal-Furniture How to make your ceiling look higher

A long, horizontal couch or table can help make the ceiling look higher, especially if it’s low. Replace your old couch or high-back loveseat and replace it with a low, long coffee table. Get a ceiling shelf built horizontally instead of vertically. All of these tips make a low ceiling look like a high ceiling.

Create a diagonal focus

A simple diagonal line on the wall makes the ceiling appear higher. You can practice any of these low ceiling ideas with paint. Make the wall two-tone and use painter’s tape to create a diagonal line. Paint the top half one color and the bottom half another. You can also use a background. Steps and stairs also create the illusion that the ceiling is going up and are a smart tip on how to make the ceiling higher. Due to the diagonal focal point, the ceiling appears higher than in reality. If you don’t have steps or stairs, you can create the same illusion by using shelves.


Mirror How to make your ceiling look higher

Mirrors-1 How to make your ceiling look higher

Mirrors bring light into the room, which makes the room appear larger and is one of the most practical solutions for low ceilings. When a ceiling is reflected in a mirror, it looks higher than it is. Mirrors can be hung on the wall or leaned against the wall for the appearance of higher ceilings. Opt for larger mirrors over smaller ones, especially in a living room with a low ceiling.

Hanging high wall art

Hang-Wall-Art-High How to make your ceiling look higher

When you hang your wall art, hang it a little higher on the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher. For some reason, this trick helps create the illusion of higher ceilings. This causes the floor to tend to look further down, making the ceiling appear higher.

Crown molding

Crown molding How to make your ceiling look higher

Another tip for answering the question of how a room can look bigger is the thick molding for low ceilings. This is because the wall takes up space and your walls look shorter than they actually are. To recreate that wall space, all you need to do is remove the thick crown molding. This movement makes the ceiling appear higher. You can choose to have no molding or to replace the thick molding with a thin molding.

Divide the wall area

Split-Up-Wall-Space How to make your ceiling look higher

Split-Up-Wall-Space-1 How to make your ceiling look higher

If you decorate the lower part of the wall, the surface will appear higher than it is. This makes the ceiling appear higher than it is. Many people use trim or decorative beadboards on the lower third of their wall. However, if you want to know what low ceilings look like higher, don’t bring them up halfway. Wallpaper or paint can also be used with the same effect. In fact, it doesn’t matter how you split the wall, as long as the top is 1/3 different from the bottom. This idea works well when the bottom part is a darker color than the top.

Door frame

Door frame How to make your ceiling look higher

If you’re in the process of remodeling or remodeling a room ceiling, know that the tall door frames help create the look of higher ceilings. Bring the top of the door frame up to the ceiling or leave just a few inches between the top of the frame and the ceiling.

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High ceilings are beautiful, and creating high-ceilinged homes is always worth the complex effort. These ceiling interior decorating tips, tricks, and ideas will help you achieve the look of high ceilings even if the ceilings in your home are low. Thanks for reading, so be sure to try some of these great tips, and be sure to let us know how these tricks worked for you!