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Sloping ceiling home design and decoration ideas

Sloping ceiling home design and decoration ideas

Since every room in a modern home can be used, nothing is wasted.

Sloping ceilings are increasingly used in modern homes, and penthouses and residents have to live in such houses on a daily basis.

The biggest problem with pitched roofs is not lifestyle, but knowing how to decorate a room with such walls, or the lack of it.

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Since they are unconventional and can be difficult to work with, many people do not know how to decorate such a house. Most sloping ceiling decorating ideas, however, come from the way you would treat the ceiling and the special contours it gives the room to your advantage.

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They are neither walls nor ceilings. Due to their slanted nature, they are not vertical, making hanging slanted ceiling photos almost impossible. Due to a lack of horizontal presence, they shouldn’t be treated as blankets as they can look very interesting and visually appealing when done correctly. For this reason, we present you with some ideas for designing sloping ceilings.

Capture the imagination

Sloping ceilings can range from amazing raised ceilings more than 3 feet above the ground to modest attic ceilings. Regardless of the ceiling, there are many ideas for decorating sloping ceilings. When you find one that suits yours, you need to accept and highlight the atmosphere it is already creating. Instead of trying to change it, the general concept is to use what you already have and give it your own personal touch. Sloped ceilings are a great idea for a centerpiece of the entire room.

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Instead of playing around with the sloping ceiling itself, a simple addition of art to the wall where the ceiling meets it or a specific color can really make the slate ceiling stand out and give it a unique look.

Let light in

Sloping ceilings can sometimes create feelings of claustrophobia and generally cramped spaces, especially if they lack natural outside light. When you choose pale shades that reflect the outside light, the entire attic feels more open, inviting, and feels bigger than it actually is.

White is the obvious choice, but other neutrals like ivory or beige work just as well and add more presence to the room. Sky blue and mint are also a good idea and extremely eye-catching. Although tradition dictates that ceilings must be white no matter what color the walls are, painting all the colors gives the room a more cohesive feel.

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Perfect for glass additions

Due to their sloping nature, sloping ceilings have excellent natural ventilation. By adding skylights and windows, you get huge benefits. Modern skylights can be bought in any shape and size. When you pair them with just the right amount of focused lighting and surroundings, the room feels airy and bright. Not to mention, they look great after sunset as the stars are clearly visible from inside.

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How to fit everything else in

Use a darker floor as this allows for greater depth perception and makes the room appear larger. If you are using hardwood or laminate floors, arrange them diagonally against one of the walls. Our eyes follow more diagonal lines and that gives us the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Arrange all the furniture parallel to the floorboards to highlight the diagonal lines on the floor. The lower the furniture, the better. If there are more pieces of furniture in the room, place them as far as possible so that the room does not lose depth.

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When it comes to wood

Often there are older attics and rooms with a sloping ceiling with exposed wooden boards and panels. While an authentic exposed ceiling is ideal for showing off the history of the home, it is an addition that can be added to modern attics to achieve the same effect.

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Pattern all around

Not every ceiling is the same and not every room needs the same type of decoration. Although sloping ceilings are more difficult to work with, if properly decorated, they can add a lot of charm to the room. Adding a pattern to the sloping part of the ceiling and walls has an incredible effect.

This look is popular in most attics that are used as a nursery or playroom. Racing stripes on the wall below the sloping ceiling, or a few polka dots, can draw all attention to the actual slope of the ceiling. Even simple designs, like some flowers, can emphasize the unusual shape of the room.

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The practical side

Whenever possible, try not to clutter the room with too much unnecessary furniture, as this can only reduce the available storage space. The fact that the walls are sloped means that a fake wall is added a foot from the wall and the sloped ceiling can serve as great storage space. The cabinet doors can be the differentiator in the room, with a touch of color in an otherwise boring room, and behind them you have a good spot for all your belongings.

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For small rooms that are relatively low, it only makes sense to use a low decor. For larger rooms with sloping roofs and a ceiling twice as high, using a slightly higher decor is a good choice. Oversized decorations like pendants and floor lights are trendy and have become a great idea for homes.

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Use it effectively

Since sloping ceilings can sometimes make the room smaller than it is, you need to make the most of your available space. Just using flat furniture is not enough. Maximize your space by placing chairs and desks in the lowest part of the room where you would normally sit down and not need a lot of headroom.

If it’s a bedroom, place the headboard under the most sloping part of the ceiling as you won’t need much space there. The center of the room can be used as a space for a table and some chairs as this is easily the most convenient.

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