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Rustic bedroom design ideas that exude comfort

Rustic bedroom design ideas that exude comfort

Who doesn’t want a naturally furnished bedroom that conveys the south-western atmosphere of a sun-drenched desert from the comfort of your own home?

If you want to live amidst sun-drenched shadows, sand tones, and muted desert colors, actually consider decorating a rustic bedroom.

And that’s a great idea! Rustic bedroom design ideas are not just about western movie themes, they are also about a real expression of your homely tastes and interests.

Rustic interiors exude comfort and cosiness, among other things. They are especially good for bedrooms as these are our personal places of relaxation.

Rustic bedrooms tell a story of warmth and serenity, and these are sometimes more difficult to achieve than lively, accessory-rich spaces. Are there guidelines for designing a rustic bedroom? Bet there are some? Let’s check them out:

Natural materials

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-4 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: IMI Design, LLC

In a rustic bedroom, natural materials are the only acceptable materials. You can choose between metals (brass, iron, etc.), wood, marble, stone, concrete or leather and apply these from the walls and ceiling to the smallest details of furniture.

Rustic walls

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-2 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: Dan Joseph Architects, LLC

If you want a rustic touch, your best bet is stone and natural wood, although this is not so common in modern homes.

What really looks rustic is drywall stone, but only with a special paint treatment that can create rustic textures (rag rolls, sponges, or similar imperfection techniques celebrated by rustic styles).

The color of the walls is obviously an issue – it can be a warm shade that spices up the bedroom or a cool one that is more relaxing. You are completely free in this regard, except that you are not allowed to mix warm and cool pallets.

Organic fabrics

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-16 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: Locati architects

Rustic doesn’t really mean soft, and having a variety of good fabrics is a great way to visit the place often. Wool, burlap, and linen count for the best selection, and you should use them wherever possible (carpets, drapes, drapes, bedding, etc.).

Simple linen

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-14 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: Locati architects

Knowing that the bed is the central element in the room that takes up most of its space, you shouldn’t go for an over the top solution that makes it stand out too much.

We recommend using neutral colors (white, black, gray) and fabrics with subtle textures to add elegance. Compliance with this requirement is essential in this case as it is a common and recognizable feature of all rustic bedrooms.

Earthy colors

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude Comfort-5 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Lohss construction

Rustic bedrooms are perfect with earthy pallets and neutral tones as the rest of the interior space is natural and simple.

This means that you need to introduce shades of browns, grays, whites, and blacks with the occasional plant-green vibe. Any unexpected, bold choice like purple or red should be avoided.

Rustic lighting

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-13 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: Yellowstone traditions

No one can deny the effect lighting has on our mood, which makes placing lights an extremely challenging task in our bedrooms.

As you suspect, fluorescent lighting is unacceptable and you’ll need to replace it with yellowish lights that go well with wooden furniture and subtle color choices. You may not know this, but the lighting in your bedroom has a huge impact on your mood.

Fluorescent lighting would by no means look like soft and yellowish lighting. In the hardware stores you will find lighting fixtures designed as tree bark or deer antlers.

One idea is to come up with original designs like deer antlers or tree bark fixings, while the other classic is to go for a solid chandelier.

Metal chandeliers are hugely popular and also work well in modern interiors because of their modest industrial flair. However, metals in the rustic interior should be rustic and not as shiny as the ones you would apply in a modern space.


Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-10 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Peace design

Rustic means elegant, and that makes white lace inserts a great choice for your new bedroom. Depending on the style, you can also choose other materials, colors and patterns.

For example, if you are a fan of the French provincial style, we recommend linen and toile. A convenient option for casual and neutral bedrooms are tying curtains instead of pocket bar curtains. You can also cover the window with just a piece of cloth.

If you have a rod, the rod should also look natural, something like wood or wrought iron. Distressed shutters are an alternative for rooms that need privacy, especially if you soften their edges with sheer swags and floral fabrics.


Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-3 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude ComfortImage source: Locati architects

If you can afford it, go for it! There is nothing more rustic than a fireplace in the bedroom, which is why it usually plays the central role in attracting attention.

Of course, it should be an old, traditional fireplace made of stone, brick or wood.

Furniture inspired by nature

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude Comfort-7 Rustic Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Locati architects

There are many styles and pieces that fall into the rustic furniture category. For example, it could be a poor build of unadorned branches, a whitewashed frame for the headboard, carved chairs, or hand-painted cabinets with no wood grain.

The main point is to make furniture look a little dated, and a great way to achieve this is to pair it with smooth fabrics and textures.

Robust furniture

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude Comfort-12 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Glennwood Custom Builders (NC)

Smooth, delicate decorative objects do not contain anything rustic. Rustic furniture is meant to be oversized and sturdy, with decorative frames made of metal and wood.

It means that you should look for regal beds, oversized dressers, and large mirrors. The “airy and fresh” approach should be left aside in this case.

Rustic art

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude Comfort-15 Rustic Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Peace design

Rustic artwork is more about rustic than artwork. More specifically, don’t go beyond parts that reflect the calm atmosphere, even if that means hanging unpainted (albeit carved) frames, animal paintings, or woodland landscapes.

Old is new new and new is new old

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude Comfort-11 Rustic Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Fairview Builders, LLC

What makes you think you have to go for an expensive rustic collection from a famous supplier? The best rustic furniture shopping destination is a nearby flea market where you can easily find the metal chairs that will fit in your bedroom.

It’s easy to buy used furniture these days: with some paint and sandpaper, you can make the piece look as old / new as you need it to be. New pieces, on the other hand, appear older with metal bases and wooden panels or a simple touch of milk color.

Bed benches

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-9 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: High-rise warehouse

This is another interesting “rustic rustic” detail for your bedroom. It can be a simple wooden bench or a comfortable, padded bench upholstered in fur or black / brown leather.

You can choose the material, but you need to make sure that the bank is studied and solid. The degree of rustic style also depends on your tastes: some people went so far as to use animal horns as the legs of their benches.

Decorate naturally

Rustic-bedroom-design-ideas-that-exude-comfort-1 Rustic-bedroom-design-ideas-that exude comfortImage source: ScavulloDesign Interiors

Include as many natural accessories as possible: plants, creatures, mountains, trees, animals, etc. You decide!

Use your old furniture

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-6 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Dan Ruhland Designs LLC

A good approach to decorating a rustic room is to bring really old pieces that look authentic and beautiful, and are cheap at the same time.

Let’s not forget the sturdiness of outdated furniture – these items are made to last, and the fact that you don’t invest in a well-executed, expensive replication doesn’t mean you won’t get quality.

Even if the parts are slightly damaged, you can paint them to hide the worn look or use the same color to make a newer part look older. The easiest way to achieve a natural look is with milk paint or petroleum jelly.

Final thoughts

Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-Exude-Comfort-8 Rustic-Bedroom-Design-Ideas That Exude ComfortImage source: Imagine the web

The reason you give your bedroom a rustic interior is because you want it to feel warm and comfortable. This makes rustic decoration suitable for any house, regardless of its architecture and location.

Designers love the rustic because it’s elegant, easy to get to, and ensures you have your relaxing retreat every day.