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Roof terrace design ideas for cool days and nights

Roof terrace design ideas for cool days and nights

If you are someone who doesn’t have a garden as part of the exterior of your home there is nothing to worry about. One of the newest and brightest ideas when it comes to living in the city is a “garden in the sky” that is well designed. In other words, a roof terrace.

Gardens are considered extremely important by many homeowners. However, for those who live in big cities, gardens are luxury items that people simply cannot use. This has led to an increase in the number of roof terraces, which not only allows for additional enjoyment, but also gives the house great monetary value. Here are some useful roof terrace design ideas that you can write down and follow up yourself.

Start at the beginning

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The first thing to do is determine if it is actually possible to build a roof terrace. To do this, you need to find out if the roof and walls of your property can withstand the weight of the patio, as well as additional additions like fixtures, furniture, and even people who may be walking around in it.

During this process, if you discover that major remodeling work is required, you will need to obtain prior planning permission before starting any work. Usually it is much cheaper and easier to build a roof terrace on a flatter roof. However, sloping roofs can be easily adjusted by either cutting them in or building an outside wall.

If you’re looking to expand your home, building it up might be a better option for you. However, you also need a building permit for this.


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Once you have your rooftop idea the way you want it, take the opportunity to talk to all of your neighbors and take your idea from them as their input will be extremely important. For example, if your project is either blocking the sunlight they enjoy or blocking something related to their property, they are likely to object to your idea for good reason.

If the roof terrace is going to be some kind of social space, will any noise coming from it disturb your neighbors to whom they can object? Investing in furniture like massive screens and opaque glass panels will not only make your neighbors happy, but also help keep your rooftop terrace as private as possible.


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Next, you should contact an architect who will determine whether or not you need planning permission for your rooftop project. Many local architects are very familiar with local building codes.

Regardless, you should always take an architect’s advice, no matter what. If you try to build something without first obtaining planning permits, you will likely be asked to remove everything you are building, such as B. a roof terrace.

Water drainage is also something else to consider as well. This is where you should contact a local reputable construction company to find out exactly what steps to take. You will likely build the rooftop deck so that rainwater can drain properly.

Note, however, that you are solely responsible for maintaining the roof terrace drainage system. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that not only your property but also all objects around it are not damaged by water.


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Roof terraces, whether covered or uncovered, serve as separate garden types. They’re small enough to fit just right, but big enough for everyone to enjoy a nice social gathering. The only real downside is a house with a double penthouse that can only be fitted with a roof terrace that offers practically no additional space.

Consider adding pieces like an old sofa to your outdoor space. Also, use a little paint to brighten the room, as well as potted plants and a water fountain to keep the area cool. The best advantage of covered roof terraces is that you are protected from the sun.

However, when colder temperatures come in, consider adding a rug that can help generate heat, especially if your porch or covered area is made entirely of wood.


Roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights 9 roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights

It is important that you take the time to carefully decide which pieces of furniture to include in your roof terrace, just as you would in any other room in your home. For example, you may find that the mood in your house also affects the mood on your roof terrace. On the other hand, the choice of the space you want to create is still entirely up to you.

If your rooftop is the only thing you have in terms of outdoor space, you may need to break it down into different areas for purposes like dining, entertainment, etc.

Add touches that are more comfortable

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Rooftop terraces are essentially extensions of your own home. So make this room just as comfortable by using as many pillows on your furniture as in your normal living environment. Not only does this help to make your seating more comfortable, it also helps to make the space more inviting.

In terms of color palette, if the interior of your regular home uses a more reserved one, consider using a much lighter one on your rooftop terrace.


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The biggest rule to always follow outdoors when using furniture that can withstand extreme temperatures. These types of pieces are best found in places such as patio furniture and outdoor manufacturer stores. These places create materials that are completely weatherproof.


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Any type of patio lacks the space a full-size garden would otherwise have. This makes vertical space the best place to work, meaning you have to work up, not out. For example, use accessories like slender statues, tall and narrow topiary trees, and climbing plants.


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Even if we sometimes think and / or feel differently, it is often a good idea to include a heat source in a roof terrace. This can be as simple as a fire pit, fireplace, or patio heater. If you are looking to invest in any of these products, make sure it is safely kept away from plants. For example, if you are using a fire pit, be sure to add a grate.

Plan a lighting program

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You may need additional lighting if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun late in the evening. Consider investing in concepts like built-in architectural lighting and outdoor wall lights to support these, as neither option has wires or dangling around, leaving more floor space open on your roof terrace.


Roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights 11 roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights

  • Think about how big you want your terrace to be and how much space you can really accommodate
  • Check with local authorities if you need prior planning permission for your project
  • Hire an architect and builder
  • Use lighter materials like plastic pots, as well as plant material like hydrolica or perlite, both of which are mixed with compost
  • For lighting, use circuit breakers, light bulbs, and waterproof cables


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Strength is perhaps the most important factor to consider, especially since most roofs are only designed to support the weight of just two people. This means the two best materials are steel and wood to add to the support.


As mentioned earlier, if you start construction work without first obtaining a building permit, you can face legal issues if your neighbors file complaints or if you are selling your home and the promoter working with the buyer wants to prove that you have permission get to build your project.


Roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights 13 roof terrace design ideas for chill days and nights

There are many different benefits that both roof terraces and roof gardens can offer both individuals and society. For example, they can create diversity, absorb rainfall to reduce flood risk and improve biodiversity. In addition, they are working to improve the general appearance of our urban landscapes around the world.