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Modern interior design farmhouse style

Modern interior design farmhouse style

The interior design farmhouse style was originally developed out of a sense of need and born out of geography. Farmers realized they needed housing before discovering that the farmhouses themselves reflected the land they were standing on, as well as all the goods and building materials throughout the area.

Traditionally, farmhouses have always included some form of transition area going from the outside to the inside, which explains why almost all farmhouses have covered porches of some type. In most farmhouses, even a modern farmhouse, the front area was considered to be the more formal area of ​​the house as it was where guests were welcomed and most of the social gatherings were held.

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At the back of the house are usually both the kitchen and a bedroom. However, the farmhouse was two-story, then all bedrooms were on the upper floor of the house.

Country style decorating should be warm, relaxing, cozy, and full of character and charm. In addition, it will help you return to an easier time. However, it is also important to maintain a balance between old and new things in order to prevent the entire environment from appearing too “land”. Perhaps most important, however, is to keep the environment in harmony with nature as much as possible.

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One of the best perks of a farmhouse is the flexibility it offers, which means that you essentially have the freedom to decorate the interior with not only your personal items, but whatever vintage you might find appealing too. In the end, the overall goal is to find a place for everything you love and live in complete ease while enjoying all the sights and sounds of nature.

Make the outside look good

When designing a farmhouse, it is just as important to pay attention to the outside as it is to the inside. Perhaps the best way to really achieve the look of a traditional farmhouse is to implement a wraparound porch that also really helps set the tone for the rest of the house.

However, it’s understandable when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. In such cases, a simple veranda, front yard, terrace or balcony will do just fine. The most important thing is that all of the decor is right.

When your wraparound porch is ready, consider adding items like rocking chairs, potted wildflowers and / or roses, and possibly even some hanging plants. In addition, you can complete the ensemble by adding a hanging lantern lighting as well.


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Wood is a resource that is both accessible and abundant, which is why it is used in many farmhouses. Even if the wood is scraped and scuffed, it is considered a good thing as these markings help convey the history of a farmhouse. The more rustic the type of wood used, the more nostalgic the house itself will look and feel overall.

Wood is also the main ingredient that makes a farmhouse so special and unique, as it virtually dominates the entire house. It gives the home a more classic type of cottage through the use of wood paneling, floors, beams and ceilings. However, if you don’t think you want to use a lot of wood, consider using stone and concrete instead – assuming both are as rustic and unfinished as possible.


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The most basic color you’ll find in most farmhouses is white. This makes a lot of sense as many early farmhouse owners had a limited budget for painting from an early age.

Because of this, they decided to go for a simpler white look for the interiors of their homes. However, if you want to add a touch of color, go for light beige or cream colors instead of more vivid colors. This will help you stick to the more traditional peasant style.

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Another useful tip to keep in mind is to never paint any woodwork in your farmhouse unless you get limited amount of light in a particular room. However, remember that after painting wood there is no going back.


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The basic heart and soul of any home has always been the kitchen, and this space is even more important in a farmhouse. There is a lot of traffic in the kitchens of these houses, the color scheme always remains as neutral as possible and everything is always lively and uncomplicated at the same time.

Even though the color scheme of the kitchen always remains neutral, you can still use a decent mix of furniture that you think is appropriate for the space. Wood is something else that will continue to make a good statement as this material is widely used on both the countertop and kitchen island.


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Consider mixing and matching your fabrics throughout your farmhouse as this was traditionally done in these settings in the past. Fabrics like upholstery and textiles were generally handcrafted and passed down before being arranged around the house for a more lively feel.

The best choice of fabric for this is generally cotton; However, the preference is entirely up to you. In terms of patterns, checks and stripes work well for accents and throw pillow covers. You don’t have to worry about finding suitable fabrics as the farmhouse style allows you to work with more versatile mixes yourself.


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Traditionally, a farmhouse bedroom would contain various weathered heirloom pieces that were mixed and matched. This look was complimented by the addition of airy, light and whitewashed linens.


You may have noticed that many farmhouse interiors have cabinets and shelves with glass doors. These types of shelves and cabinets help really improve the look of a farmhouse without placing too many demands on the space itself and budget for renovations.

In addition, these two elements add a lot of character to the wall they occupy and allow you to easily switch between different decorations. Whichever style you choose, always make sure to keep each color to a minimum.