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Live, king size

Live, king size

Bed frame is most important in bedroom furniture. A good night’s sleep is critical for your physical and mental wellbeing. A bedroom being a very private space in house, design and make should also be appealing. More than anything it should be comfortable, practical to use and should be a good fit, for the room and even for your budget.

Who wouldn’t want to have a grand and cozy bed at home? A King Bed is the biggest available bed size among all. It is most convenient when there are more than one occupants for the bed. Ideal for a couple and must for those couple who want to sleep with their baby.

While it definitely is a luxury, King Bed may not be the one suited for everyone. Bedroom size is critical to decide on bed size. Bedroom should have enough space so that there is ample amount of open space left even after placing a King Bed in the room. As a general rule of thumb, bed should be at least 15 inches longer than the tallest person using it. More the width, more comfortable it is for the occupants.

There is a standard or European King Size which is 76 X 80 inches in dimension. This is as good as placing two twin beds side by side. A California King sized bed is of 72 X 84 inches in dimension. It is more suited for those who are taller than average.

Bed frames come in different makes. One can look for solid wood or metal frames. Solid wood frames give a classy and elegant feel to the bedroom. Metal frames on other hand are lighter and easy to move around. Metal frames are not sought for King Beds however.

First and foremost is the space. Living room space will decide if a King Bed is appropriate or not. There should be at least three feet space left on each side of bed for proper and comfortable movement. When buying a wooden bed frame, consider if having a headboard and footboard will not congest the space.