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King size mattress dimensions

King size mattress dimensions

Buying a king sized mattress, will help you sleep very comfortably on a huge area without any disturbance. It gives the comfort of sleeping blissfully without any kind of hassles. However, people do get confused when it comes to sizing and dimensions. The bed comes in two different sizes and has four names. Finding out about king size mattress dimensions can be slightly tricky, but with a little research you will easily understand it like a pro.

This bed is a standard sized king bed, it is quite comfortable and is huge when it comes to size. Generally known as the Eastern king, this bed can provide enough room for two people, while three can sleep comfortably on it. In the Californian states the same standard king sized bed is known as the Western King. The western king is slightly less in width, and has a difference of four inches from the eastern king sized bed. It makes one feel like they are sleeping alone, even if two people are on the same bed; much like twin beds, they give the maximum comfort of sleeping alone, even if you have company. So much about the king size mattress dimensions; now let us get to know about the prices.

Anything which starts with the word king exudes luxury, and luxury items come with a price tag. These beds may be slightly expensive but the sleep which you can get while lying to them is priceless. Going by the king size mattress dimensions the western king is less expensive and compared to the eastern one, you can make your choice as per your needs and preferences.

There is a huge difference between king size mattress dimensions and queen size bed dimensions. There is a whopping 16 inches difference in the width while the length is almost the same. In case you are planning to buy a new bed, then make sure to get something which suits the size of your bedroom and the bed fits perfectly without the surroundings looking overly congested.