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Bed frames made of oak

Bed frames made of oak

Noble and robust oak wood is experiencing an absolute revival, and rightly so. The striking and beautifully grained wood has long since emerged from its shadowy existence in a rustic country style and is also reflected in state-of-the-art pieces of furniture such as beds and wardrobes. The typical grain is deliberately integrated into the design of the oak beds, creating fantastic unique pieces, which are an absolute eye-catcher in every bedroom.

Traditional furniture wood with outstanding features: Beds made of oak

The oak tree is a deciduous tree distributed throughout the globe in temperate and warm zones. Oak wood is hard, strong, stable, elastic and highly resistant to bending. It is also characterized by a remarkable durability in both dry and wet conditions. The mass of positive properties and the extremely attractive appearance of the oak wood have made it a very popular natural raw material in furniture production.

Oak wood – a real benefit for every bedroom

It used to be a combination of rustically furnished bedrooms and a solid oak bed, but today it can be said that modern-style representatives of this genus can be harmoniously integrated into any kind of interior design. That’s why oak has long since become popular not only with the elderly, but is increasingly being sought after by young people. Especially in the focus are wild oak beds, which bribe with untamed natural beauty.

Further information about beds made of oak

The wood of the oak is naturally yellowish-brown in color. However, surface treatments with different oils can still influence and change the appearance of the oak. Most oak beds that you can find online shops have brushed surfaces, which were then oiled for protection and color intensification or color. The brushing of the wood gently frees it from the softer components, creating a very appealing relief-like surface. Due to the individual grain of the wood, each bed is unique.