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Cool rooms and interior ideas

Cool rooms and interior ideas

All parents out there are constantly looking for cool room ideas so that they can provide their children with the ideal living space in which to play, sleep and study.

Be it your room or that of your child that you are designing, you should always look for solutions that support your lifestyle and interests while giving you enough comfort.

With this in mind, we have put together and suggested some cool interior design ideas and cool things that you should have in your rooms this year.

Chic-Bedroom-by-Fredman-Design-Group Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Fredman Design Group

Let’s go back to the ideas for cool spaces for kids: the priority in designing these spaces is to create a space that reflects the child’s needs and desires while supporting their growth and development. This means that children’s rooms should be comfortable, engaging, and equipped with all the resources he or she needs.

Beach-House-Narragansett-by-Andra-Birkerts-Design Cool rooms and furnishing ideas
Image source: Andra Birkert’s design

Cool bedroom ideas don’t necessarily require you to be creative (and well beyond your budget) and create unique “Indoor Tree House” or “Magic Castle” settings. Instead, it may be enough to bypass the amount of light spreading around the room or the artwork you are trying to display.

Bohemian-Apartment-Boys-Room-by-Incorporated Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Built-in

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that cool home decor will bring joy to your family’s life and create beautiful and lasting memories.

Cool house ideas will of course face both positive and negative critics, depending on how we envision cool houses. For some people these are ultra-modern, minimalist and bright rooms, while others prefer to make them colorful, lively and full of energy.

Going the “cool” street of children’s room design also includes other concerns, such as safety precautions around ladders, off-place and sharp edges and ropes, and the eternal problem of how far you can go without spoiling your child.

Home-2000m2-by-Yakusha-Design Cool rooms and furnishing ideas
Image source: Yakusha Design

Here are some interesting ideas to consider:

One of the most popular design ideas today is a room with glass cladding or the use of real Greenhouse glass to make a real greenhouse with a wonderful location and breathtaking view. As long as the windows look out onto your own garden, you won’t feel exposed or have privacy concerns.

Another timeless choice is the rooms on the top floor, especially the hotel-inspired suites with large skylights over the bed and a beautiful star landscape during the night. If you’re unable to install a glass roof, consider floor-to-ceiling windows to add even more spectacular scenery.

Angelina-Estates-by-Saratoga-Signature-Interiors Cool rooms and ideas for interior design
Image source: Saratoga Signature Interiors

A smart way to cut the cost of remodeling and still get a wonderful bedroom is to invest in a nice, super comfortable bed. We recommend Oge Architects design nest beds that are incredibly cozy and appealing.

Hammock beds also look fantastic in a modern room due to their casual, attractive and extremely homely appearance.
Have you ever thought of sleeping in beer kegs?

Wall-Detail-by-Singlepoint-Design-Cool rooms and ideas for interior design
Image source: Singlepoint Design Build

With some warm, dedicated lighting and an ultra-soft mattress, the idea doesn’t look as strange as it sounds. First-class brand hotels around the world have developed similar concepts, including the Landhotel Hof Beveland in Germany, which you should definitely visit.

Extreme Makeover-by-Bayless-Custom-Homes Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Bayless Custom Homes

DIY cool room concepts

Washi tape

How about giving washi tape a role in your design project? Just a few years ago, washi tapes were perceived as a bit overdone and too decorative for minimal and cool scenarios, but that is no longer the case.

Today’s leading designers are rethinking the whole concept, using black and purple washi tape to make bedrooms even more attractive and relaxing.

Another reason to consider washi tapes is that they are painless to use and affordable, making them a smart investment for any homeowner on a budget.

Ladue-Home-Design-by-Youtopia-Designs Cool rooms and furnishing ideas
Image source: Youtopia Designs

Given that washi tapes are back by the big door, why not give it a try for other projects too? You don’t have to cover and decorate the entire room with them, but a cool idea to consider is putting them on doors, windows, and light switches.

Make sure you find the right colors and complementary patterns and make your room awesome without spending a fortune.

String Art Sign

String art signs can help you turn your room into a dreamy place. Just select the word you want, print it out, and the job is done.

Riverton-Ewell-by-Upland-Development-Inc Cold rooms and interior ideas
Image source: Upland Development, Inc.

Hanging chair

Hammock chairs are slowly becoming one of the coolest additions for homeowners. They can easily be read peacefully in the corner of the living room or studied in your child’s bedroom. Both kids and adults fall in love with this concept, not only because of the look of hanging chairs, but also because of the ability to create their own.

Hanging chairs are really easy to make, as long as you find the right combination of canvas and paint.

Beaton-Projekt-von-Suzanne-Nichols-Design-Group-Inc Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Tie colored pillowcases

Teens find colored pillowcases to be the most creative and appealing room decorating ideas because it doesn’t take much to convert their rooms into amazing and personalized turnstiles. For them, colored pillowcases are also the easiest and most timeless way to share a creative statement.

Bedroom-by-Shouldice-Media Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Shouldice Media

Doily pendant lights

This project requires:
• Multiple doilies – ideally, buy a few so you have enough space to repeat the process and place them appropriately on your lamps.
• Adhesive Suitable for Wallpaper – According to designers, wallpaper adhesive is the ideal adhesive for doilies, available in both liquid and powder form at any local hardware store. If you find the glue too thick or too jelly, mix it up with a few drops of wood glue, but make sure it’s not too watery as it won’t withstand humid conditions.
• A three foot round balloon – The size of the balloon is not strictly limited, but you should always try to keep a reasonable amount of space between the lightbulb and the lampshade. Since most lightbulbs are similar, designers recommend 3-foot balloons, which are easy to find in any market store / supermarket, preferably round ones as they are thicker compared to elongated ones. Just in case, two instead of one.
• A Big Brush – The bigger your painting brush, the less sticky you’ll be by the end of the process.

Angelina-Estates-by-Saratoga-Signature-Interiors-1 Cool rooms and furnishing ideas
Image source: Bella Home Builders Inc.

You can also get:
• A pair of latex gloves to minimize clutter
• Spray starch
• A string to hang balloons on until they are dry
•A ladder

Cool photo frames

This project requires:
Wires, cords, wooden frames, hanging eyelets, clothespins (small or medium), measuring tapes, rulers, a hammer and a pencil.
The easiest way is to get a pre-made wooden frame, ship it out if needed, and paint it the color you want. However, there is always a way to get more creative.

Familienhaus-Richmond-by-De-Hasse Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: De Hasse

The first thing you need to do is measure the exact distance from one loop to the other and then mark it so that the wire hangs tight and straight on each side.

Here you can use a hammer to push the grommets on the market boxes until they are fixed and you can screw them in. Then run the string between the eyelets and tie them in tight knots.

You can either leave the string long and visible, or cut it out. If you decide to use wire, twist it tightly to make sure it doesn’t bump into our wire.
When you’re done, hang the frame on the wall and use the clothespins to cut off all of your favorite photos.

Bohemian-Apartment-Girls-Bedroom-by-Incorporated Cool rooms and interior design ideas
Image source: Built-in

Hang printouts on the walls

For those of you who don’t have the patience or time to ponder these modern wall ideas, we recommend printing free posters and hanging them in their rooms.

End thoughts

Each of us has a different idea of ​​what the perfect home should look like. For some people, such a house would have a relaxing indoor pool, while for others, it would be a clean, minimalist place decorated with postmodern art.
Cool-hip-room-for-the-active-child-on-flea-market-Sunday Cool rooms and furnishing ideas
Image source: Sunday flea market
Whatever you envision for your perfect home, these DIY and quick ideas can help you achieve it.