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Beds with fabric covers

Beds with fabric covers

With a stylish fabric bed you create a cozy and cozy bedroom. The upholstered headboards, as well as the covered and partially upholstered bed frames give the beds a sublime look, transforming any room into a luxurious oasis of well-being. Modern and classic fabric covers and designs are also available, as well as fabric beds with Spring-top slatted frames and integrated bed frames for extra blankets and pillows.

Comfortably upholstered and attractively upholstered: Fabric bed

Hardly any other type of bed conveys as much comfortable coziness as a fabric bed. The fixed bed frame is provided with these beds usually with a padding and covered with fabric. The visual appearance is rounded off by a high and often attractively designed headboard, which at the same time offers a lot of comfort and functionality.

Different designs for different living wishes

Different woven fabrics give the fabric bed a fine or coarse structure. With a soft-touch surface, chenille, velor or micro velor fabrics spoil. A monochrome bed can be harmoniously integrated into the other bedroom design or skillfully placed in a contrasting color as an eye-catcher. Patterns and the use of several colors further expand the scope and create even more possibilities.

Discover your dream bed online

While fabric beds used to be more classic, with pleated fabrics and ruffled seams, today’s beds offer a wide range of designs, complementing virtually any interior design style. Very modern beds with fabric covers are complemented for example with shiny chrome feet. For maximum comfort, the headboards are not necessarily stiff and straight, but are also available with adjustable back cushions.