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bed benches

bed benches

Benches complement the bedroom furniture and provide a comfortable dressing bench a very comfortable seating next to the bed. Benches are also particularly popular because of their large storage area, on which the clothes can be prepared for the next day. Some models also have a storage space under the seat and can also be used as a spacious shelf.

Comfortable seating and comfortable storage space: Benches

The basic features of a bedroom include a classic bed, a wardrobe and bedside tables. With further bedroom furniture you will ensure more cosiness in your bedroom. The bed bench is enjoying increasing popularity, as it serves as a practical helper daily services.

Choose the suitable bed bench to the bed

From imitation leather upholstery to decor to solid wood, you will receive bedsteads in a variety of materials and finishes. We recommend either adjusting the bed base exactly to your bed and choosing the same material or deliberately setting contrasts. For example, bedsheets with a synthetic leather cover can be perfectly combined with solid wooden beds – or vice versa. Light artificial leather goes very well with dark wood tones, black or dark brown bed banks look very nice in a bright bedroom.

Further information about bed banks

With a seat at a comfortable height, the dressing bench ends the balancing act when putting on z. B. of pants and socks. In addition, the large area offers a convenient storage space on which you can prepare the clothes for the next day. Some models also have an additional compartment under the seat and thus also serve as additional storage space in the bedroom.

If you prefer tone on tone, make sure that the material designation of the bed and the selected bed bank match. If you want to supplement your existing bedroom furniture, you can always request material samples of the preferred bed bank.

Some models already have a padded seat and thus offer very comfortable seating comfort. Many of the solid wood benches can be optionally supplemented with a soft upholstery. Here are each different color variants for the reference to choose from.