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A must for bathroom : towel rail

A must for bathroom : towel rail

Towel rails are the most essential accessories that all bathrooms need. Towel rails or towel dryers have been used in the bathrooms since very long time. There are many designs available today and you can choose them depending upon their usage. There are many types of metals used for making these towel rails which include, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. These rods or rails can be furnished or polished with other colors to bring some variety and options for matching them with the rest of the bathroom fixtures. This rail is usually attached to the walls of the bathrooms and basically used for hanging out the towels or napkins or as an advanced use, they can also be used for drying with heating towel rail options.

Towel rails can be the most essential fixture in your bathroom as it handles your towel and does not allow it to fall and get wet. Other purposes like placing clothes or bathroom supplies can be also served by these fixtures. These towel rails being of sturdy material can hold weight which includes a wet towel which may slip of from other surfaces. The most recent addition to the fixture is the availability of heated towel rails. These have become very popular recently and are used by many high end hotels. They can offer additional benefits to your bathroom along with the regular towel hanging options.

This new addition to towel rails have pepped up the look of the conventional and common towel rails. These heated towel rails were initially only seen in highend hotels in foreign countries but now is available for common use too. Some of the many benefits of heated towel rail include:

– The heated towel rails help in keeping your towels warm and cushy.

– They also help in preventing bacteria getting lodged on your towels in the bathroom, which happens when you keep them in damped or wet places.

– They keep you away from the foul odour which develops in damp and wet towels.