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Wonderful examples of kitchen makeover

Wonderful examples of kitchen makeover

People value inviting rooms and guest areas, but the most important and liveliest area of ​​any home is still the kitchen.

It’s exactly the kitchen where everything happens – meals are cooked, the family gathers to chat, or you just have a cup of coffee to face the day ahead.

Therefore, kitchen renovation must be on the priority list when renovating your home.

Here are some great tips that you can use to update your kitchen:

Change the color of the furniture

Wonderful examples of kitchen makeovers1 Wonderful examples of kitchen makeoversImage source: Salmon-Casson, Ltd.

The easiest and cheapest way to redesign your kitchen is to repaint pieces of furniture. This strategy delivers the fastest, yet most visible results. It doesn’t even have to be all: it is enough to repaint just a few of them!

The only thing that matters here is choosing a kitchen-appropriate color, as it is less prone to stains and household damage. There is so much to choose from, so there is absolutely no need to hesitate.

Ultimately, kitchens are the only place you can express your creativity and use eye-catching solutions without worrying about whether or not your visitors will approve them.

Install laminate countertops

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover2 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: artichoke

As you can imagine, laminate countertops are another inexpensive, easy-care solution that you can use for years without worrying about scratches and stains.

At the same time, unless you have trouble deciding between wonderful styles and nuances (wood, granite, marble, etc.), the installation is quite quick.

Play with the chairs

While it is perfectly understandable to buy matching chairs for the dining room, the rule doesn’t apply in the kitchen: a mix of styles and materials can make the space even more cozy, which is a top priority for any family gathering place.

Swap the lights

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover3 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc.

Sometimes a stylish pendant light is enough to make the kitchen unique, such as stunning hand-blown glass.

Lighting fixtures can’t be that expensive (even the most beautiful ones cost up to $ 200). Hence, consider them for the brand new look of your kitchen.

Replace handles and knobs

Mix the classic handles with colorful ones or add a range of bespoke accessories to suit both your decor and budget. There are plenty of outlets where you can find interesting pieces that don’t break the bank.


The shift from your old to a modern kitchen is most noticeable when you change the tap. Again there will be a variety of models and styles, most with flexible hoses to make the faucet retractable.

So choose the piece you want and make sure it’s high enough to put large pots underneath too.

Decorate with ready-to-use devices

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover 4 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Webb & Brown-Neaves

Appliances can either be the frustrating set that spoils your stylish kitchen or the fancy additions that make it even better.

If you’re not a fan of eclectic spaces where appliances are designed to contrast the rest of your decor, choose creative fabrics or wood panels to divide and hide the space.

Rework the backsplash

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover5 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Update updates

The best place to boldly apply paint is on the wall above your counters or between your top cabinets. A cheap backsplash of your favorite color will help you make a personal statement no matter which material you choose.

When it comes to materials, the rule is: Anything goes! The cheapest option is paint, while tile can cost around $ 10 to $ 50 per square foot.

Modern and versatile kitchens would look fantastic with pickled steel to compliment their appliances, even if they are considerably more expensive ($ 100 to $ 150 per square meter).

Cover the walls

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover6 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Zorzi

Wall cladding adds bulk to your countertops when placed between them and it doesn’t take too long to install (depending on the materials).

In fact, they are usually easy to remove because their adhesive backs will stick to any type of wall or pre-applied covering.

After all, the range of choices is so wide that it can cater to every taste and desire, which means you can have a landscaped kitchen or look at your favorite quote while cooking.

Use additional shelves

Whatever you do, there will never be enough storage space in the kitchen, both because there is too much kitchenware to hide and because the space is small most of the time and doesn’t offer as much “breathing space”.

Shelves are the best way to make up for the lack of storage space as they take advantage of the available vertical space and don’t even need to be organized into larger units.

An added benefit is that the kitchen will look cleaner regardless of the number of beautiful items you want to display.

Update the floors

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover7 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: The Myers Touch

Renew the kitchen with brand new flooring and choose porcelain tile, vinyl, wood or even laminate. All of them are beautiful and bearable and will make excellent replacements for any worn-out plank.

Be creative with accessories

Kitchens don’t offer that much space for decorating experimentation, so you should really think about making the most of small pieces.

Placing coral on the woven trays or wooden boards on the counter is a great way to display an array of your favorite items from the pantry without the place looking too crowded or busy.

Replace the cabinet doors

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover8 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Croma Design Inc.

It won’t be that long, but it will make the kitchen look newer in no time.

Again, this is a creative process with a choice of different colors and styles, or even panels of painted glass and carved wood. Everything is in your hands!

However, we recommend that you consult a professional when measuring these or drilling holes for handles and hinges.

Use the magic of the kitchen island

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover 9 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: NEFF

Don’t have a kitchen island yet? Get one! Islands take kitchen decors to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication, and they’re not even difficult to install.

At the same time, you provide extra space for towels and bowls or simply a cute table where you can have a glass of wine with your friends.

Look at carpets

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover 10 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: Vujovich Design Build, Inc.

Carpets are difficult to maintain and maybe a little dated, but nothing is as welcoming and comfortable as them.

In terms of the kitchen, you don’t need to cover the entire floor, you need to find a mat that you can place near the sink or under the table if there is one.

If you want space to look more playful, get lots of mats in different colors and place them next to the appliances.

Display your art collections

Wonderful examples of kitchen makeovers11 Wonderful examples of kitchen makeoversImage source: Zink Art + Interiors

Art lovers and avid collectors know that masterpieces should be exhibited in places where they can be seen.

Don’t introduce them to your friends, but put them in a room to enjoy them selfishly – the kitchen! Paintings and small sculptures are a good place to start.

Organize your dishes

Why should you keep ten dinner sets (six each) instead of picking a few that you really like? For freshness and storage, say goodbye to Sorority College mugs and select a modern set of utensils to replace them. Most importantly – keep them out of sight.

Add a rustic flair

Wonderful Examples of Kitchen Makeover12 Wonderful Examples of Kitchen MakeoverImage source: SKD Architects

Tastes are out of the question, but any honest person out there would agree that kitchens look warmest when decorated with farmhouse accents.

You can do the same with your kitchen with little fuss and even less money by replacing the pantry door with a sliding door or using the ceiling shelf to hang copper dishes.

If possible, consider purchasing at least one antique piece to enrich the scenario (such as a wooden stool).

Install the railing

Do you like to cook? Even if you don’t, you can use interior decorating notes to make the experience more enjoyable.

We encourage you to follow the lead of great chefs and install a railing that has all your utensils and pots on hand. The solution is both practical and professional and can look amazing when done with the right materials.

Change the color of the floor

One thing you can do to make your worn floors look better without expensive refinishing is to change their color. You can either cover up bumps and blemishes with a darker shade, or get creative with lighter shades of color (e.g., chic beige) and even stencil designs.

clean it

Wonderful examples of kitchen makeovers13 Wonderful examples of kitchen makeoversImage source: Arnold Schulman Design Group

Even if this is the most intuitive advice in the world, it is only remembered if he cannot find the wine opener. Try to organize the kitchen so things don’t go away.

When organizing, we refer not only to visible clutter and leftover food on the countertop, but also to the contents of drawers and cabinets, which can be even more annoying.

So take your time and organize kitchen utensils in sections – this will make your kitchen look brand new and your life will be easier.