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Tips for a Spa Bathroom Makeover

Tips for a Spa Bathroom Makeover

Imagine having your personal relaxing spa in the comfort of your bathroom! Wouldn’t it be great? Having a spa-like bathroom is a whole new level of “cosiness”. and even better – it’s incredibly affordable! A spa doesn’t require major changes, but rather well-planned replacements and rearrangements of the items you already have.

Let’s suggest some amazing spa bathroom decorating ideas:


Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas9 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: James McDonald Associate Architects, PC

The essential aspect of furnishing the spa bathroom is spaciousness. You have to keep the space open; and employ few key elements to support the “less is more” concept.

Use a calm color palette

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas11 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Cynthia Lynn Photography

Think about the spas you’ve been to so far: don’t they all use similar color schemes? It’s really rare that spa bathroom design ideas work with anything other than green, subdued blue, cream, beige, white, or moderate brown.

The reason designers choose these colors is because of their calming effects on the body and mind. Therefore, choosing a relaxing color is the safest shortcut to a well-executed spa bathroom renovation.

However, avoid using too many colors: two or three well-combined hues are perfect enough. Excessive systems require attention. and they will certainly fail to keep our minds calm and relaxed.

Install dimmer control

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas18 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: Bridgwater Consulting Group

Another thing that should be avoided is strong light. Remember that your bathroom is your personal romantic oasis. and it could therefore benefit from devices with dimming controls. There is nothing better than a dimmer that helps you “soften” the atmosphere. and call up the spa atmosphere with just your bathtub.

Add textile

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas10 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Ryan Street & Associates

Textiles are one of the “tools” that make a real difference between bathrooms and spas. Adding a soft traditional rug or hanging a simple tapestry gives the spa an ambience. and enhances the overall welcoming atmosphere of your bathroom.

Use synthetic wood tiles to add warmth

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas16 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: DesignBlue, Inc.

Most people would never think of wooden floors for their bathroom, which is a perfectly normal and practical choice. Wood looks great and provides warmth and comfort. but it can hardly withstand the devastating effects of moisture.

Fortunately, the designers have thought about the perfect renovation of the spa bathroom: they recommend that we use imitation wood tiles (made of porcelain or ceramic with a texture that imitates wood very successfully).

The texture and amazing patterns are relaxing and inviting. The excellent quality of the material guarantees that you will never have to deal with water problems.

Use textures to bring nature inside

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas3 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Casey St. John Interiors

You may not be able to use wood, but you can bring the outdoors inside with stone / brick walls. A pebble tile floor also looks natural, especially if you introduce small, nature-inspired accessories into the room.

Keep windows big

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas7 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: In your room interior design Chicago

Large windows are expensive, but worth every penny! The bigger your windows, the more natural light you have inside. Besides, why should you deprive yourself of the wonderful views of nature while relaxing?

Use background images

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas5 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Flemington Granite & Architectural Supply

Proper wallpaper can transform your bathroom in any setting you want: it can be a snow-capped mountain, a stunning lake, or a tropical coast. Landscape wallpapers are particularly recommended for the ambience of bathrooms without windows.

Freestanding tubs

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas12 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: Diamond spas

Those 30 minutes a day of giving your body the relaxing bath it needs is also the only 30 minutes in which worries and problems go away.

This is precisely why the bathtub is an essential element that should be treated with special care. For example, we recommend that you go for a freestanding spa as it looks like a luxurious and special feature of your new spa. Relaxing and elegant make a perfect couple, don’t you think?

Go green

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas Tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Finn-Martens Design

Plants improve life in literally every corner of your home. Your new “pot friends” can be the perfect end to a spa experience. and they will look fresh and relaxing.

You are also invited to use certain flowers as a decorative detail that gives a pleasant smell and personality. When chasing the tropical vibe, think of bamboo and reeds.

Make sure the consistency

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas6 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: Cornerstone architects

Ensuring consistency is not a difficult task: putting the same tiles on the floor and walls, for example, will make the place look like a cute, logically organized box. In addition, you can always attach panels made of transparent glass; and add visual length to your small bathroom.

Clear up clutter

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas13 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Spinnaker development

Clutter is the worst thing that can happen to your spa bathroom: like dirt, piles of toiletries show a serious lack of organization. and tend to strain you rather than relax your mind.

If you’re planning on turning your bathroom into a spa, install items to store utilities and medicines, and hang shelves to put your neatly folded linens on. To strengthen the spa ambience, store bathroom accessories in transparent glasses, ideally decorated with creative inscriptions and white ribbons.

Massage shower heads

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas14 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: H3K design

Massive shower heads with massage functions are an essential part of any spa. As with the other elements, their purpose is to relax you by choosing the exact water pressure you need. They are also practical; They are easy to maintain and do not take up additional footage.

Stylish bathroom fittings

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas17 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: Sims Hilditch

There is no faster way to bring your bathroom to spa level than choosing the right faucets. Small things can make a big impact, especially when you want your spa bathroom to look sleek and classy.

The good thing about choosing good faucets is the variety: you can find everything from colorful LED rain showers to waterfall sinks and massage systems.

Aromatherapy is a must

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas2 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

The pleasant and natural aroma of your bathroom is just as important as its appearance. Indeed, fragrance is an even more powerful means of relaxation.

There are many ways to get it: you can either let numerous plants give off their scent; or replicate a real spa with expensive sandalwood corners. Artificial sprayers and scented candles are also great ways to add freshness to the bathroom.

Heat your towels

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas8 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: Linherr Hollingsworth

Exiting a healing hot tub can be painful, especially in the colder months. So don’t forget to warm up the towels. and indulging in soft materials that can store heat on your body.

As expected, this is an activity that people tend to forget. For this reason, popular design projects recommend installing towel warmers in the bathroom, either in the form of cheap and less space-consuming bars. or easily accessible warming drawers.

Don’t skimp on towels

Tips-for-spa-bathroom-design-ideas4 tips for a spa bathroom makeoverImage source: PM Concepts

When it comes to towels, price can really make a difference. You only get the looks and pampering that you pay for. So enjoy soft organic towels. For example, Turkish towels are an excellent choice.

Get in the mood

Tips-For-Spa-Bathroom-Design-Ideas15 Tips For A Spa Bathroom MakeoverImage source: Hansgrohe USA

Once set up, shop for scented candles, play relaxing music, and dim the lights. You can also reward yourself with a glass of delicious champagne in the tub. We bet it will be your favorite after work activity!