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New trends: a pendant light shades

New trends: a pendant light shades

This is a new concept in the design of lamps and decoration. Just by turning on a bulb, a room can be transformed if you have the right lamp. And is that these elements that we find in any space of the house not only serve to illuminate but also to decorate.

With this in mind, artists and designers decided to create lamps that embellish a space completely. That is, they not only look good as elements themselves, but their light also has an effect inside the room. To achieve this, they created patterns on the screens that give a special touch to the environment through a game of lights and shadows.

Lights and shadows game for decoration

The lighting in decoration is a fundamental element to create ambiences, to make the furniture sparkle or to be comfortable doing the daily activities. For a rather decorative effect it is interesting the game that can be realized with lights and shadows that will make the places more interesting.

There are several techniques to achieve this. If you are looking for a romantic setting, you can use a single focus from medium to low intensity, warm, making this lit part of the table with many shadows around.

Another way is to separate spaces through the pendant light shades, that is, you can divide the living room with lights focused to certain places, like a small table where you can add fabrics and cushions, thus you will have a specific space inside your living room with light and the rest with shadows.

The modern trend allows to place lamps that have designs on the screens, which, when ignited on a dark background, project new forms of lights and shadows achieving an innovative appearance in the decoration.

Varied designs.

Moving from the architectural to the artistic plane, the design of these lamps is unlimited and only the mind of the artist and designer will set the limits. One way to do this is with metallic paints on the lampshades.

Another way is to turn the lamps into real sculptures, with varied designs made with different materials such as metals, wood, acrylics and even crystals.

The designers can also play with the direction in which they want to project the game of light and shadows, either towards the floor, the ceiling or the walls. Even with hanging lamps you can use the beam of pendant light shades down to focus on a surface, and with the projection to the ceiling from another focus is achieved general lighting of the environment with light and shadows game.

Everything works and is possible within the minds of these artists and designers.