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Mattress superbrands

Mattress superbrands

Bedroom are where you spend most of your time at home. It’s not the living room or sofa set. It is the mattress on which you would like to lie down after a hard day of work. Either while reading a book on a weekend or just roll over on a lazy colder day, mattress are very personal space which should be chosen with lot of care. Seahorse is such a promising mattress brand which is guaranteed to give the comfort you look for.

Sea Horse is a brand which was founded in 1980s in Hong Kong. It was in 1987 when the healthy mattress was launched by that brand name. Since then, there are numerous household products which are launched under sea horse brand name. Sea horse has become number one top selling brand of mattress in Hong Kong known for its quality and comfort. They are also economical mattresses giving it value for money tag.

Sea horse brand has range of mattresses, sofas and home furniture under its umbrella. Especially it is the mattress where the brand is a leader. Sea horse mattresses are fire retardant, and safe in all required specifications. Sea horse mattresses varieties are vast and differ based on support structure, top side design and firmness. Mattresses are divided as diamond mattresses, pearl mattresses, healthy range, and everlasting mattresses. Most of the mattresses are spring coil based. There are also ranges of foam based and hybrid of high density foam spring coil, medium to hard firm mattresses under everlasting superior mattresses. Thickness and padding vary from 4 inch to 8 inch.

While Sea horse mattresses are number one brand in Singapore and Hong Kong, they are also available to be sold across USA and Canada. While it is available in Canada and USA, they do not have retail point of sale outlets and will have to be shipped from Hong Kong, Singapore. Since it is cross border shipping, customs, taxes and freight will be extra and should be borne by the customer.