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How to decorate your home with a brass lamp

How to decorate your home with a brass lamp

Brass lamps are perfect for your home because they always add an instant look to your existing interior. With these guides, you can comfortably decorate your home with stunning brass lamps.


  • Do not think of the same thing


There are different shades, styles and shapes of brass lamps and they always accentuate most home decor, so do not just buy a brass lamp that is similar to the one you are replacing. Visit different lamp sockets and compare the available options and then try something else. The advantage of buying brass lamps is that they can highlight traditional, modern and free sets.


  • Start from the beggining


You can add more color and elegance to your room by giving your brass lamp a shade, there are several shades available on the market and they make your brass lamp look elegant, appear smaller or larger and they can be used to change the traditional look of your home to a modern and vice versa. Decorating a room is always about adding a certain feeling, it takes drama and elegance. Dressing your brass lamp with a suitable lampshade always does the trick.


  • The shape of the lamp


There are different brass lamps and they all have different shapes and you can get the right shape by first defining and determining the spaces you intend to decorate with these lamps. For example, brass lamps with round and square elements can be used to define contact points in the dining room or kitchen, while bottom-heavy brass lamps can function as bedside lamps because they have a fixed support. Square lamps can be placed in the corner of the entrance hall as they not only accentuate the room but also mark screens on the wall.


Living on the shape of the lamp is also important because they also define the decoration in the room for example; brass lamps with ribbed shades refine a space that makes it look elegant, homely and relaxed, while lamps with sculpted edges always give a room a lovely and relaxed atmosphere. Rooms with these lamps are also customizable and give you the benefit of matching different color schemes.


The color of the brass lamp is also important because they automatically define a room; for example, neutral colors on the lamps offer lighting indications that are not only elegant but also sophisticated. You can also use different colors to highlight the theme of your room theme by making sure they blend in with other in-room treatments.