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7 reasons why you should switch to LED lights

Approximately 700 million light bulbs are used in UK households. That is an average of around 25 lightbulbs for every UK household. Given the high energy consumption for lighting, it is not surprising that a large proportion of households have decided to switch to LED lights.

Since lighting costs account for up to 20% of a monthly energy bill, everyone should at least consider switching to LED lamps. Here are seven reasons why switching is a wise choice.

1. LED lights use less energy

Compared to an incandescent lamp or a halogen lamp, the average LED light actually uses around 90% less energy. For example, if you have a 50W bulb, you can replace it with a 5W LED bulb and get a similar result.

In addition, the conventional incandescent bulb generates a significant amount of heat before producing light. With an LED, the heat generation is greatly reduced, which means that less heat is wasted and thus more energy is saved.

2. Less replacement

If you’re the typical person, you probably run out of lightbulbs on a regular basis. The good news with LED lamps is that they last longer, up to 50 times longer than incandescent lamps.

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LEDs are made up of semiconductors that produce light when electrons pass through them. Since they don’t generate a lot of heat, the diodes in the lightbulb last much longer. They are also equipped with aluminum heat sinks to absorb the heat generated. Both of these reasons mean you don’t have to change your lightbulbs that often.

3. More versatility

Another great thing about LED lamps is that you can find a lamp in a temperature range if you don’t like the typical yellow / white color. This makes it easy to get your mood lighting right in any room in the house. You can also use different ones LED lights and use LED lights in a variety of settings.

Cold white, for example, is traditional in bathrooms and commercial areas. Warm white is more commonly used in homes and offices. Finally, you can use a very warm white in a living room or bedroom for a relaxed ambience. Or you can get creative with the colors if you try build a play room or lounge. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

4. Immediate light

There aren’t many things as annoying as turning on the light and waiting for it to reach its full intensity. Lightbulbs eventually turn on, but they take a long time to fully light up. LED lamps, on the other hand, produce instant light.

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This makes them a great choice for areas where you want maximum brightness right away. Even if you’re not making the full switch to LEDs, consider them for a closet, basement, or loft where you need to get in and out quickly.

5. Better for the environment

When looking for ways to go green, lightbulbs can make a significant difference. Not only does LED lighting use less energy, it is also a better choice as the lamps can be recycled.

Older CFL energy saving lamps contain mercury which must be disposed of in a safe manner. Newer LED bulbs are easy to recycle, which means they have less impact on the environment.

6. Price reductions

For some people, the initial cost of LED lamps has been an prohibitive factor. Since LEDs were first launched at a high price, they still carry some of that stigma. However, LED lamps are becoming more expensive and more affordable.

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Although prices vary based on where you purchased it and other factors, some LED bulbs now sell for a third of their original price. When you consider how much you are saving on electricity, you will find that LED lamps are actually of great value. And if you want to save even more, buy in bulk.

7. Dimmable lighting

Although you need a built-in LED driver, these days more and more LED lamps are fully dimmable. When used with a correct Energy efficient Dimmer switches, they maintain the same performance, maintain their energy efficiency and without noticeable color changes.

Most fluorescent lamps are either not dimmable or there is a noticeable change in dimming ability. If you want more control over your lighting, LED is definitely the way to go.


LED bulbs are a great choice because of their versatility and energy saving, which is why more and more people are giving up their incandescent bulbs in favor of LEDs. You’ll notice a significant difference after switching to LED lights and you’ll be glad you made the change.