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Child-friendly sleeping places for little explorers: Beds for 5-years-old

At the age of five, children are full of energy. They want to move and playfully engage.聽 5-year-olds cater to this behavior and combine a child-friendly sleeping place with an exciting indoor playground. Whether you opt for a midi-high bed, an exciting car bed or a practical pull-out bed – all models make a good impression in the nursery.

Children at the age of five have a strong urge to move. Your little one wants to climb, jump and play – preferably all at the same time. In order to give your child the opportunity to playfully engage in his own little kingdom, it is best to sit on a bedstead that combines the aspects of play and sleep.

Pull-out and bunk beds use the space

With car keys, you can offer something very special to their sunshine: In detailed car design, these children’s beds for 5-year-old skilfully present themselves as the center of the room. Little boys can dream of being a celebrated racing driver in sporty runabouts – girls can sleep in the dreamy carriage bed in pink like a real princess.

The beds are all equipped with deceptively real applications and come up with a variety of sophisticated details. Let the heart of your offspring beat faster with one of our car keys.

Children of this age love to dress up and like to play exciting roles while playing. Together with friends from the nursery your sprout will save the whole world and fight against evil – all in your own room.

All聽 adventure beds inspire with child-friendly construction. Equipped with windows and roof, these cots for 5-year-olds provide an atmospheric ambience and counteract the play instinct. During the day, the playhouse serves as a place for heroic adventures – at night it acts as a well-guarded retreat for a restful sleep. Numerous optional extensions complete your child’s little kingdom.