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Children’s furniture in pink or blue?

Childrens furniture avila-creative-childrens-furniture-with-shapes-inspired-by- GVQIDHM

Girls are different, boys too. This small difference is taken into account by children’s furniture manufacturers with the right furniture. Typically female, typically male – many stereotypes are entwined with this distinction. While boys and girls were put into gender-specific drawers from an early age, gender-neutral education became fashionable with ...

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Lighting comfort in the childrens room

childrens room lighting free shipping childrenu0027s room ceiling lamp boy girl bedroom lamp room  lighting led JWWWEVG

Children playfully discover the world: sometimes they are Nobel Prize-winning researchers, sometimes the little housewife. Every day is different and always full of imagination. Whether played in the children’s room, romped, tinkered or learned. Enough light for fun and games Recessed luminaires, surface-mounted or pendant luminaires provide sufficient basic brightness ...

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Nursery room decoration ideas

nursery room decoration ideas bold, graphic wall IYFUWAQ

If you want to make a nice nursery for your little ones, you can let your imagination run wild in the interior design. In addition to a playful design, a nursery should be functionally and above all resilient and practical, so that the children can use their room properly to ...

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