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Chests of drawers ... traditional brown cherry chest of drawers - mayville HUCMZPX

Chests of drawers: inspiration around the order helper!

Chest of drawers or sideboard?

Often the terms dresser and sideboard are mistakenly used interchangeably, because there is a small but subtle difference in the furniture: chests of drawers and sideboards differ in their presentation. A common As a rule, it has opaque drawers – you will not find any open space in this piece of furniture. Sideboards, on the other hand, offer drawers and other possibilities for stowage, such as open compartments or folding doors.

The dresser – a true individualist

Classic dressers are made of wood, go wide and have drawers. But material, form and color are infinitely variable. No matter how yours living room . bedroom or dining room is furnished, there is the matching dresser for every style of furnishing!

In addition, a chest of drawers is ideal for remodeling them yourself. The keyword is “upcycling”. With a few simple steps, sandpaper, paint, adhesive foil or buttons and handles for the drawers, an old flea market find turns an exciting DIY project into a completely individual DIY chest of drawers or a unique sideboard.