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Gorgeous 15+ Blue and Gold Interior Designs

Gorgeous 15+ Blue and Gold Interior Designs

An important advantage that many interior designers take advantage of when designing their client’s perfect space is understanding and applying color theory to create a desired atmosphere. Colors have the ability to affect more than landscapes, they also affect emotions and set the mood in the room.

Believe it or not, the color blue has positive effects on both your mood and your physical health. Since blue represents rest, the body can actually start producing natural chemicals that are calming and create feelings of joy.

Invite a soft blue color into your bedroom to promote rest and relaxation. Since the bedroom is the primary room used to decompress, applying blue to a space can improve both physical and mental health. Hexa Azure Mist Matte Porcelain Hexagon can be installed on both interior walls and floors to create a soothing feeling wherever you want.

Blue is a popular color that many interior designers are drawn to when creating a home’s color story. Blue is one of the basic colors, and thus has so much meaning and possible areas of use behind it. Read on as Tiles Direct highlights all things blue, from meaning to uses, and, of course, the best places to apply it.

That said, colors have the impressive ability to affect our mood. When the color blue comes to mind, it can often be associated with happiness. The color of a clear sky, the sea, a favorite toy or clothing from growing up – all these can subconsciously affect a person’s mood.
Blue, when used in interior design, is used as a calming and relaxing color. With a wide range of shades, and depending on which shade is chosen, blue can change the mood of the room. A darker blue will give a more reserved and natural atmosphere. A lighter blue color will brighten the room and invite you to a bubbly, calmer space.