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Charming garden decor ideas with pebbles

Charming garden decor ideas with pebbles

Pebbles are a great way to add visual and textural interest to your garden or patio. By incorporating pebbles into your landscape design, you can make your garden or patio look classy and luxurious. You can use pebbles to fill an empty area and give it character, as well as bring a natural feel to the place.

Pebbles come in different shapes, sizes and colors and can therefore complement any type of landscape design. Here are 10 great ways you can use pebbles for your landscaping project.

1. Ground cover
Whether you have a neglected and uneven corner, an eroding walkway or an unkempt and unwanted lawn, pebbles provide a good even coverage and add a great color feature to these areas. Pebbles can also be placed over a weed mat for an instant facelift. It is best to use 20-30 mm pebbles with 50-70 mm coverage depth if there will be foot traffic.

2. Drainage
Pebbles are a good way to decorate drains or grates while maintaining drainage. You can cover grates on a spill-over or strip drains in paved areas to add contrast and texture without affecting drainage and water flow.

3. Garden compost
Pebbles can also be used as mulch in garden beds, where they can protect the soil from erosion, sunlight and weeds. What’s more, rock compost can last a lifetime! Pebble mulch is generally best suited for native and dry gardens where composted organic matter is not in as high demand.

4 . Zen rock garden
A Zen rock garden typically includes moss islands, a suggestive boulder or two, and raked pebbles. You can create dimension and visual interest by using darker colors, such as having a lower border of flat rectangular stones around smooth pebbles. The garden can be protected from children or pets with a raised terrace.

5. Tree base
If you have a tree in your yard or garden, you can use pebbles to make the base more visually appealing. Use the pebbles to level the ground around the tree, surround the tree with bricks or large rocks, then fill the space up to the tree trunk with pebbles.

6. Aquascaping
Pebbles are a great way to create an underwater landscape, you can use different sizes to create ground covers, hills and boulders. Using different colors can also add interest or define spaces to highlight plants or features.

7. Potted plants
Decorative pebbles are the perfect finish for pots, jars or troughs. You can use pebbles to cover soil on top of potted plants to add texture and color. As a bonus, they also stop curious pets from digging up soil.