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Tiffany lamps – glass art for the home

tiffany lamps jeani simmons 16 inch poinsettia.jpg TGLPSDW

In the case of a soft spot for Vintage furniture and accessories and, in particular, for the art Deco, art Nouveau, stumbles you automatically via the well-known Tiffany glass art. Three-dimensional objects such as lamps or accessories with ornaments, flowers and animal arrangements, from the smallest pieces of stained glass …

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Matching lamps for small spaces

lamp for small table fabulous small table lamps small table lamps XDIRLKE

Small houses, it is said that they exude little Effort, coziness and comfort. But not every small house is automatically a romantic sugar house. Especially in old buildings you can find small places often have small Windows, low Ceilings and winding. On the one hand cozy, but also dark. And …

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Led furniture lights Ideas

led furniture lights bubble led furniture lighting. HVQTFVZ

For a modern living environment, but emitting nevertheless, cosiness and sociability, there are many different and creative possibilities. A special Look to create contrasts, from interiors made of glass and metal, very straight forward and cool, and soft elements such as fluffy carpets flowing curtains and soft light. All ways to the …

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Indirect LED interior lighting

Indirect LED interior lighting there are many different ideas for indirect led lighting on the ceiling, ZITZTDG

“The light handed down to the Visible to the eye; the eye narrated the whole people.” Already Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew that light plays a Central role in our lives. Light creates atmosphere and can create different colours, different moods. Without the light would be nothing like it is! …

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Rustic and romantic: lighting in the country house style

country house lighting hope farm traditional-kitchen JUZUOEM

Who decides his apartment in country house style set up, decides at the same time, for one of the most adaptable decorating styles. Of pithy rustic to playful, romantic, with natural materials and appropriate Designs Reduced ornaments in wood and Rattan, clear lines for decoration made of brass, which give off the …

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The ideal lighting in the living room

a quick guide to led living room lighting ZEFOXOK

In the living room, the wide variety of activities take place. To eat here is recovering from a busy day or work. The living room is the heart of every home. Friends and family come together in living room for cozy gatherings. The diverse possibilities of use require proper lighting, …

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Light design: LED thank

led light design for homes lighting 12 TRXJBFM

There are so many different Ways of how you can put spaces, with light-design: accents by Spots, indirect lighting, ceiling light or chandelier and Dimmer are just some of the variants that spring to mind immediately. Of course, the design of lamps and lamp speaks parasols, a language all its …

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Art Deco Lighting Design, style, and sense of life

art deco lighting amazing antique art deco pendant light with skyscraper globe, c. 1930u0027s JHIOOFP

Characteristics of the Art Deco straight-line elegance combined with attractive, lush ornamentation. In the arts, particularly fond of as a flat, floral, almost sprawling 2D-motives are shown, whose contours are still sharp and clean. Pomp and appearances, which was pressed as a curved ornamentation in geometrically accurate forms: Under this …

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Lamps Made of Wood: Providing Natural Charm and Individuality

wood lamps designs go nature: 9 creative and cool wooden lamp designs ZHSULEO

Lamps made of wood steal the spotlight when it comes to your home’s lighting system. A bit rough and rugged, but always with a restrained, warm and harmonizing core. A character head according to the Duden dictionary describes a “head of a pleasant pronounced, with expressive facial features”. Exactly so what makes …

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