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Discover Shabby Chic: ideas for interior design style!

shabby chic furniture interior design shabby chic living room with ceramic flooring ideas YDGPVHN

What is Shabby Chic? The British stylist Rachel Ashwell opened a shop in California in 1989, where she sold beloved finds from the flea market, heirlooms and individual new items – including furniture -. So she jumped on a trend that emerged in England in the 80s as a countermovement …

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Christmas decoration ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

Christmas decoration ideas christmas decorating ideas ornament pine trees IUKEQSE

The Advent calendar – a must have It is clear, the possibilities to create a cozy Christmas decoration are great! Definitely one of them advent Calendar, Why? The Advent calendar is perfect as a personalized decoration and tunes us in tinkering and wrapping the little gifts for Christmas. The whole …

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living room dining room combination

living room dining room combination 5 secrets to styling a small living room + dining room combo NAEIPDT

Natural materials create a feel-good atmosphere in your own home. Also in the dining room a pleasant ambience is required. With high quality solid wood furniture creates a popular meeting place for the whole family. In the dining room is not only eaten today. The combination with the kitchen and …

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Furnishing ideas for the hallway

Furnishing ideas for hallway how to decorate your hallway with a wall sconce NTMKGDB

In every house, in every apartment she gives the first impression. And that is lasting. It is the hall that signals how the landlord lives. Whether minimalist, classic or naturally inspired: A simple order should reveal the entree in any case. Baseline Often there is no separate room for the …

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Oak wood is a trend in furniture!

Oak wood furniture office desks DLWSKVN

It stands for continuity and strength, can be up to 2000 years old and is one of the most valuable domestic timbers for furniture making: the oak. It has long been used for high quality interiors, even though plastic, glass and steel sometimes stole the show. But today, as in …

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Elegant functional furniture

functional furniture the sobro side table is currently in development. it has many of the same WQUYBDZ

Pulling out, pushing, folding, swinging – practical functional furniture adapts to every everyday situation. Be it a sofa or a bed, a chest of drawers or a sideboard, television from the left or right – functional furniture, thanks to its high degree of flexibility, creates a comfortable feeling of well-being …

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Ergonomic furniture for home

ergonomic furniture for home the ergonomic sofa VJASBLJ

For many, the idea of ​​not spending their old age in their own home is terrible. Allocating one’s own daily rhythm to the rules of a retirement home seems frightening. Often, however, a move to the home can be avoided by the right equipment or simple conversions. The range of …

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Interior design with colors

Interior design with colors mix patterns and solids to add visual interest. image via: rachel reider  interiors GOVLDHO

Many of you may be wondering what color theory has to do with interior design. Color can be used specifically in the design of rooms to achieve different effects and moods. Thus, the color design of a room has a decisive effect on one’s own well-being. Depending on the color, …

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Custom made furniture – custom made for your home

Custom made furniture custom made dining tables NSMXWUU

Imagine: You move into your new home, which you have designed in advance with your furniture and the other furnishings to a comfortable home and retreat. But now you realize that between the wall and the bookshelf, there could still be a nice cupboard in which your dishes would come …

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