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Amazing 21+ Modern Rustic Interior Designs

Amazing 21+ Modern Rustic Interior Designs

Modern and rustic, two opposite design styles that you might think could never go together. However, that is not the case. In fact, they’re so free and interesting that real design magic happens when you mix them.

When a modern house is combined with rustic elements, there is this phenomenon that takes the edge off the sharp modern style. Rustic’s texture and warmth contrast modern simplicity and coolness by mixing history with aged materials and carried in vintage charm.

This contrast is exactly why I chose the modern rustic combo for the second week in my series of mixed design styles. If you missed last week’s, 5 Key Tactics The Pros Use When Blending Mid Century Modern and Farmhouse Design, be sure to check it out.

Just like last week, I spent time going back through my own archives and questions, then cross-referenced those results with keyword research and social engagement for this post. Not surprisingly, the research showed that this pairing is a close second to the Mid Century and modern farmhouse.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who struggle to combine different interior styles and that is certainly true for this combination. For some reason, the belief that you can successfully mix modern and rustic is a tough sell. I know this because I have counseled and comforted a few clients through this very combination.

It is perfectly normal for people to gravitate to parts of one interior design style and parts of another or even many others. In fact, couples who have very different design tastes come to me with genuine concern that they just can’t live with what the other loves.

Disagreement about how to decorate leads to avoiding the subject altogether. At worst, some homes remain unfinished for years!