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Backyard ponds and water garden ideas – 31 examples

Water is the only element in nature that can take on different structures: liquid, solid, gaseous and, thanks to its adaptability, common in our lives. There is no being on this earth who can live without water, one reason why this great element is so present in our lives. In …

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Great tips for choosing furniture with style

It is an undeniable fact that the choice of the exact furniture replaces the attractiveness of its original beauty. The design and structure of the selected furniture must last for years. Hence, you need to evaluate the discreet details and quality of any structure built from a given piece in …

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Wood tones – How to decorate with different wood colors

There are some materials that are fashionable for a year or two, but then they are considered “old” and “antique”. Others, however, are timeless and can be incorporated into the interior at any time. For example, wood is one of those timeless materials, and it has been gaining momentum recently. …

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Beautiful new interior design for living room

Sometimes you get tired of the same old look, the same old design in a house. New interior designs for the living room can inspire you to create a fresh space, a space that is unique. The living room you create doesn’t have to be like all other living rooms, …

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Tips to protect against babies

Since your baby first arrived, you have done the impossible to turn your home into a cozy, loving oasis for them to spend their first few months in. As fun as the experience is, you need to remember that safety is the number one priority: once your bundle of joys …

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A unique example of modern architecture near Lake Lugano

In this house in Switzerland, the aim is to stay connected with the spectacular surroundings of Lake Lugano at all times. The Villa Lugano is a unique example of modern architecture in an area with more traditional structures. It makes the breathtaking view the main event in practically every room …

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