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Wardrobe for the bedroom optima fitted bedroom in natural oak SGBSHSF

Wardrobe for the bedroom

What does he look like, the perfect wardrobe for the bedroom? This is a not so easy to answer question. On the one hand, the perfect wardrobe should fit in with the rest of the bedroom purely in the style of the interior. For example, if you have a country-style bedroom, a state-of-the-art lacquer wardrobe looks rather strange or inappropriate. It would be better to look for a matching model in a similar style, a cabinet in vintage or shabby-chic style would be e.g. best for.

Depending on the size of the room, a large wardrobe can look very dominant or too chunky. If you have the possibility to pitch this out, it is advisable to have a separate dressing room. Or you decide as a fashionista with a large collection of clothes and accessories for the deluxe version of the wardrobe: the walk-in wardrobe. Not only women’s hearts beat higher in a walk-in closet. This has the advantage that, depending on your wishes and needs, you can plan how much storage space you need for your clothes, shoes, bags and similar accessories. So you can also avoid unnecessary quarrels, as if it is once again: Honey, you are again with your stuff completely on my side of the wardrobe …