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Vanity practical & beautiful: how it works!

The vanity is a real all-rounder among the bath furniture! It can serve as a storage space and at the same time provides space for beautiful Decoration and cosmetics.

A new vanity must come!

In the routine, you often do not notice that the washbasin is not as attractive as it used to be. Scratches, dull surfaces and calcified fittings indicate that the washbasin could easily be replaced with a new one. Modern, comfortable and fitting to the rest of the bathroom furniture should be the good piece. It is worth considering whether the entire wash basin needs to be renewed – that is, the sink and vanity unit – or only the base cabinet must be replaced. In all considerations, you should definitely make sure that the washbasin must always fit the sink. Because:

Depending on the nature of the vanity The tap hole is either in the washbasin or in the basin itself. For example, Moroccan wash basins are popular in which the tap is fastened outside the basin.