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The first real own bed with great comfort: Cots 120×200 cm

With a cot 120×200 you are perfectly positioned. Beds of this size are referred to as comfort single beds as they provide generous space for your offspring to develop. In addition, cots with a bed width of 120 cm can be perfectly used in the youth and adult area.

The period between the elementary school and the secondary school is an exciting period of life. It is nice there, if the room fits the new self-confidence and the rising demands of the child. For this reason, cots are so popular in 120×200 cm. They also offer space for sitting, learning, reading, talking and sleeping.

Are there double-decker children’s beds with the dimensions 120×200 cm?

Larger children spend a lot of time in their room. So it is only logical to invest in a particularly wide and therefore comfortable bed. A clear advantage of the cots 120×200 cm is the generous floor space. If the friends come by in the afternoon, you can comfortably romp, gamble or learn in such an expansive bed.