Thursday , January 17 2019
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Retro kitchens padded kitchen bar stools QQBYEGF

Retro kitchens with charm: how it works!

Retro kitchens celebrate their comeback! In the retro kitchen next to delicious scents from the pots blows a hint of the 60s and 70s in the air. Retro furniture in bold colors adds to the mood in the kitchen. But not only furniture, but also robust wood worktops and patterned floors are typical of the kitchens of yesteryear. Individual retro furniture such as shiny bar stools or an extravagant lamp set exciting highlights.

The kitchen is indeed a space that has a purpose to fulfill, but that does not mean that kitchens can not become a stylish eye-catcher with 70s furniture and accessories. However, the style does not have to be consistently enforced in kitchens, especially since retro is virtually impossible in the age of state-of-the-art technology devices – but even the device manufacturers have jumped on the trend. Modern equipment for the kitchen is now also available in a shapely 70s retro look. Colorful and eye-catching – a statement for the retro kitchen.