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Mint Green kitchen: The most beautiful pictures and ideas for the new trendy color

Mint green and other pastel tones are currently entering our home. But if you think of a sugary and playful style, that is wrong. Mintgreen can, but does not have to be innocent or cheesy. We’ll show you how to use the trend color in the kitchen and what little tips and tricks the new kitchen trend is all about.

Kitchen Idea # 1: Mint Green Kitchen in Shabby Chic

This kitchen meets two trendy interior trends at once. The kitchen fronts do justice to the so-called shabby chic. The furnishing style literally means “shabby chic”. Thanks to the mint-colored fronts and the country-house style, the kitchen is anything but shabby. In addition to the buffed kitchen fronts and the playful handles, the golden kitchen fittings also provide a special flair in the kitchen.

Kitchen Idea # 2: Small kitchen with mint green fronts


Anything but playful is this kitchen in mint green. The clear line of the kitchen in L-shape and the matte fronts make the mint look rather cool and relaxed. The splash guard on the stove with watercolor drawings ensures a great contrast. Rather, it does not need it. To make the small kitchen do not look even smaller, the refrigerator and the dining furniture were kept classic and simple in white.

Kitchen Idea # 3: Modern Kitchen in Mintgreen

A kitchen in mint green can also look absolutely noble. This proves this model of rational kitchens. The avant-garde kitchen with glossy fronts looks almost like a work of art. Thanks to the gray wall in the concrete look, the different mint tones really come into their own and unfold their entire luminosity. The gray natural stone worktop has again been adapted to the wall color to ensure a consistent style.