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bunk beds

bunk beds

Bunk beds are the perfect solution when two siblings are to be accommodated in a room, because their construction with stacked sleeping berths only requires the space that a normal bed would occupy. Thanks to high-quality materials and sturdy fasteners, your children sleep safely on every floor – whether you choose a bed made of solid wood or metal.

Two beds in a confined space in the nursery: Bunk beds

Bunk beds are characterized by a special construction and belong to the group of loft beds. They offer two full sleep places, which are arranged one above the other, which is why only the pitch of a normal standard bed is needed, apart from the necessary height. Especially in children and adolescents, bunk beds generally enjoy a special popularity. Since more frequent overnight guests are to be expected, one can beat two birds with one stone by choosing a modern bunk bed.

Highest functionality for different purposes

If a bunk bed is accommodated in the children’s room or youth room, a guest can be spontaneously invited overnight. This does not have to be pumped long on the air mattress. No annoying conversion or furniture back is necessary, which would have to be reversed the next day. The second bed is basically available and will certainly be used often.

Further information about bunk beds

The bunk bed is an ideal bedding solution when two children share a nursery. Especially with tight spaces, no such space is given away by such a bed, but additional space for additional functional areas in the nursery is gained. So you can also play room or desk for homework with in the nursery accommodate.

bunk beds

bunk beds

The beds reminiscent of a ship’s buoy essentially consist of a lying surface for one person, which are provided on three sides with raised borders. Most of these bunk beds are provided with drawers, so that the space below the mattress used optimally and created in cramped conditions additional storage space. The various bunk beds can also be perfectly used as sofas in the living room and guest room.

Especially comfortable and extremely practical: Bunk beds

A bunk is a sleeping place or sleeping chamber on a ship. The essential features of bunks include cramped space. It is usually the case that the sleeper is enclosed in a berth of three sides at a time, which, depending on the individual viewpoint, can give rise to a feeling of security or of distress.

Not only ideal for children and teenagers

Bunk beds are particularly popular among children and adolescents, because they feel safe and secure within the high bed frame parts. A large number of bunk beds, which you will find in the online shops.There are, among other things, children’s bunk beds, which not only have an elevated enclosure on three sides, but are also partially closed higher on the entry side, so that the child can not fall out.

Make your rooms comfortable and functional

As bunk beds beds are called, which offer a visually as well as physically limited lying and sleeping space due to their construction. These can be bedsteads with a high head and foot section, beds with a high head and a high side panel or bed frames with three raised parts (head, foot and a side panel).

bunk beds

bunk beds

Setting up small rooms sensibly – with a bunk bed, you create additional floor space below the lying area and give yourself more space when planning a room. Whether 120 cm or 140 cm wide loft bed, practical family bed with a second sleeping space or multifunctional sleeping place with integrated desk or wardrobe – design your space to your taste.

Space-saving sleeping solutions with added value:  bunk beds

Loft beds are very special beds from or in which not only little children dream. In addition to the special appeal associated with sleeping at higher altitudes, loft beds also create more floor space, which is why many young adults and students these days appreciate such a place to sleep. you will find a large selection of loft beds in different heights, widths and designs to fulfill a wide variety of wishes and requirements.

Bunk beds, which are designed as bunk beds, are ideally suited if several people share a room or simply a sleeping accommodation for spontaneous overnight guests and friends to be created. In addition, the lower sleeping level is also to create a cozy relaxation or sofa corner.

bunk beds

bunk beds

Bunk beds are perfect when it comes to accommodating two siblings in the same room. They provide two full sleeps on top of each other and occupy no more floor space than a regular bed.

Sleep on two levels: Bunk beds

What is a bunk bed? Actually, it is the same as a bunk bed, so a bed model in which two lying surfaces are arranged one above the other. Likewise, the term double bunk bed is used. Bunk beds are particularly suitable for children’s rooms very well, as they use the available space in the best possible way. They require very little space in the room, but still offer two fully-fledged reclining areas.

When can children sleep in a bunk bed?

If your child can easily climb a climbing frame on the playground, then bunk beds are also suitable as a place to sleep for your offspring. A determination of an exact age is not possible here – each child has different motor skills and develops them at a different pace.

Bunk beds over the corner – make the best possible use of the space

In addition, with the raised upper sleeping area you can create a child-friendly indoor playground in your own four walls. This way your offspring can work well in the nursery, when rain or cold thwart the planned playground visit.

If your child can easily climb a climbing frame on the playground, then bunk beds are also suitable as a place to sleep for your offspring. A determination of an exact age is not possible here – each child has different motor skills and develops them at a different pace.

If you are worried about being a parent, we recommend that you keep a close eye on your child at the beginning. You can see how well your offspring is managing to climb the ladder.